Parameters for switching SIMs?

Is it possible to configure the MAX series to change active SIMs when certain speeds limits are reached? For example, I want my unit to switch from slot A (Sprint) to slot B (T-Mobile) when download speeds are lower than 4mbps, or even if RSSI is less than -90dB.
And if I can convince it to switch, how can I tell it to switch back once Sprint has returned to acceptable signal strength?

The switching by signal strength will be available in v7.1.0. We target to release v7.1.0 end of this year.


Hi @TK_Liew,

That’s great news.
Will switching between WAN’s, not just SIM-cards, based on signal strength also be a possiblity?

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Just clarified, the scheduled feature will be more on WAN traffics fail-over instead of SIM cards switching.


Thanks for the clarification @sitloongs.

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For this case, please consider to run the Sprint & T-Mobile into different cellular module, then the scheduled feature will help on the WAN fail over.

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I want to confirm that the BR1 is not able to switch between SIMs based on signal strength and that a dual modem device is needed to accomplish this using WAN failover.

Hello @lenl,
These are the only two options available for getting the SIM to switch based on the signal level received:

Pepwave MAX - FW 7.1.1 - Signal Threshold Settings - Signal Bar Level

Pepwave MAX - FW 7.1.1 - Signal Threshold Settings - Signal Strength Values

If you want to define this for individual carriers/SIMs you will need to have a multi modem model so to be able to define for each.
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Thanks for responding. The two options are effectively the same. Bottom line - to switch between carriers if one is performing poorly you need an HD2 or equivalent/better. Right?

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You are absolutely right … It’s more to WAN fail-over for the active WAN connections.

If you having HD2 device, you can set both cellular as active WANs and if 1 of the cellular WAN signal is not goods, traffics won’t forward/send via the cellular WAN.

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Hello @lenl,
Take a look at also the Pepwave MAX Transit DUO in addition to the HD2 models.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I’m trying to find this “Signal Threshhold Settings” on a BR1 Mini running 8.0.2 firmware. I do see it under Wi-Fi WAN but NOT under Cellular.

Can I set that threshold for my cellular connection as well?

Also, can I use that threshold to trigger the router to switch to the redundant SIM?

Hi. Do you see this …

at Dashboard --> WAN Connection Status --> Details --> Signal Threshold Settings?
Is this the control for which you are looking?

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That is the control I am looking for. But I do not see it under “Cellular” details.

When I go to Dashboard --> WAN Connection Status, there isn’t a main “Details” link. Instead, there are “Details” for all three connection types: WAN, Cellular, and Wi-Fi WAN.

That control is indeed present in Wi-FI WAN details, but NOT for Cellular, which is what I am interested in.


I would suggest to open a support ticket to allow support team to check on this. I have checked My Lab BR1 Mini with firmware 8.0.2 and the “Signal Threshhold Settings" is available :


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I appreciate the photos – and I can confirm that I’m missing that same control. I’ll open a ticket and see what I find out.

Many thanks!

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