Our Pepwave MAX Transit will not connect with my At&t sim, Help please

Tetranz & djamesgraham, as an FYI, MMH uses some outfit in Georgia (Envision Svcs) for the AT&T plans I have. At least that is the outfit I pay. I have 2 plans (one for the RV & one for the home office) that I’ve been using since May, 2020. The installation & setup of the Peplink devices with the AT&T SIM was essentially a plug & play set-up.
As the volume of sales increased for MMH, their willingness to provide, what I would consider 1st level support (in my case SpeedFusion), diminished. In fairness to MMH, they always responded to my communications. However, their responses left a lot to be desired. Because of that, I would not buy from them again.
Overall, I’ve been pleased with the 3rd party reseller AT&T data plans I acquired through them. Prices were much better in May, 2020 & have not seen any increases.
An observation, perhaps unwarranted in some cases, to pay close to $1K for a cellular modem setup & then try to game the cellular provider with a data plan not compatible with the device seems foolish. As consumers of these products we have some responsibility to understand some of the technology that makes these thing work.
djamesgraham, a $500.00 lesson would be hard for me to swallow. I would certainly try & reverse the charge.

Yeah it was Envision services for me too from MMH about a year ago but they’re also https://www.ezmobiledata.com because the email address on the PayPal payment to Envision is [email protected]. When I first checked, they were selling directly from that site but shortly after that it changed to “no plans available”. I guess they’re getting enough business from MMH and elsewhere. I could never trace them a physical address. Not that it really matters, I was just curious who or where they were.

Then some posts on Reddit :slightly_smiling_face: convinced me to save money by using a phone plan instead. For a few months I had both AT&T and T-Mobile phone plans in the Pepwave at about the same total cost as the Envision plan. They worked fine without problems but with more research I decided that was a foolish idea which was going to run into trouble eventually. I wasn’t using the RV for a while and didn’t need it but now I have the 100 GB for $55 direct from AT&T plus I also have unlimited tethering from an Android tablet on the AT&T $20 tablet plan and unlimited tethering from a phone on Visible for $25. I can connect both of those via a Raspberry Pi into the Pepwave’s WAN and everything else stays the same. I’ve resisted the temptation to put the tablet plan in the Pepwave but I know a lot of people do that. The modem in the Pepwave is still good of course because it allows me to use an external antenna.

Luckily the days of phone contracts are gone so it’s relatively painless to try something direct from a carrier for a month or two.

Hello my friend
I don’t know - I have been on the struggle bus - I have T-Mobile from EVDO working great and stable all along the East Coast US for two months now. They have been awesome. We tried their ATT & Sprint Plan and neither worked in my Pepwave MAX Transit Duo - they did not charge me for either and worked hard to get them to work. Interestingly enough, Sprint is closing down its networks (not sure what that means - if they are just transitioning to the TMOBILE network) - I am investigating other ATT providers - I guess depending on their volume - they will provide better support and look into getting my Pepwave on - I really don’t know how this works from the providers side.

As a side note - the EZMOBILEDATA website is long gone. I meant to send that note to you.