Our Pepwave MAX Transit will not connect with my At&t sim, Help please

we are new to Pepway and the Verizon sims work fine but we can not get the At&t sims to connect even if it is priority it will pass it over and go to Verizon. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tell us more – what do you see is happening? And, are you certain the APN is set correctly?

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Well this is my first week as of Monday trying to use my new Transit Duo. I am not super tech Savvy so there is that said. My router was preconfigured by the folks I bought it from. Mobile Must Haves. I don’t know what the APN is or how to check it. I will search the Dashboard for APN.

I loaded a Verizon sim in slot A of both routers and AT&T in slot B. Verizon came right up and connected. AT&T just spun and said scanning. I moved AT&T to the A slot in Modern 1 to see if that would change anything but it did not. Verizon still connected first in slot B and AT&T just spun in Scan mode.
My AT&T SIM cards are directly from AT&T. I purchased them a few weeks back when I heard they released a 100GB for $55 for Hot spots and heard they were working in the Pepwave Routers. I am hoping this is true as the AT&T Sales person said they don’t guarantee what devices they will work with.

E-Gads, any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Well, if you don’t know what the APN is or how to set it I’d certainly start right there. after getting the required APN (an alpha-numeric strong such as “broadband”) from the carrier, navigate here → Main GUI screen → WAN Connection Status → Cellular → Details → Cellular Settings. Then insert the APN like this …

If that does not work I’d not lose any time in contacting your seller for support. Although most of the largest and most profitable Peplink Partners in the USA do not participate in the Forum they still have an obligation to provide first level support. I hate to see cases like yours whee you bought first class hardware and it does not work – for whatever reason.


Thank you Rick for your assistance. Yes I see now there is not an APN listed for these SiMS. I have reached out to try and get them. I really appreciate your time.

There must be a APN for it to work. You may be able to set on “auto” but I’d certain ask the seller of the plan for this information. Let us know …

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I’ll throw my two cents worth in on this subject. I have two Max Transit CAT 18’s in use. Both have AT&T (older grandfathered plans) SIMs as the primary & Verizon SIMs as backups. Essentially the installation was ‘plug & play’ with everything being recognized & connecting with the default values of the Peplink device. The APN for the AT&T SIM is ‘broadband’ in my case.

As Rick indicated, 1st level support is provided by the seller of the equipment. Some do a better job than others.

With the release of the $55.00 100gb AT&T hot spot plan, it appears users of the various Peplink devices are experiencing mixed results getting the device up and running. I am not using that particular AT&T plan, however, if I were you I would do the following:

  1. Solicit help from you seller. If you are not happy with what the seller does or does not do, let the community know, as well as Peplink. Will not really solve the problem, but, it may make you feel better.
    I purchased my devices from Mobile Must have over a year ago. I’ve had mixed results in obtaining support from them. If they configured the device for you, I would try & hold their feet to the fire & insist they help you get it working. Communicate directly to Eric or Dave. The others are not necessarily helpful or really motivated to resolve your issue. My opinion.

  2. Generally speaking, if the plan you acquired is supposed to work with your device, 2nd level support at the provider can get it to work. It can be ‘painful’ at times to get there. You might be able to ask for them directly If I had the number, I would give it to you. Some users have experienced success by going into an AT&T store for assistance.

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Thanks again for the input, I am in contact with MMH and am getting a bit of a run around with the staff. I have just requested to be able to get in touch with Dave or Eric directly as suggested. Thanks again for feedback.

Hi all, I have the duo max and I to went out and bought the new ATT plan 2 days ago and had issues with it connecting. After long conversations with ATT tech support and in store support I decided to check this forum and came across this topic. I also have a tmobile sim which installed effortlessly. yesterday I entered in the word broadband for the APN for the ATT sim and it connected. Thank you for sharing this helpful information!


I have had the WORST customer experience I have ever received in 30 years of technical support from MobileMustHave - Seriously the worst. I tried several times to get them to help me and not once did they reach out to me via email or a call.
I am using EvdodepotUSA out of Cape Cod, MA - they are excellent and when I had an issue getting my Pepwave MAX Transit Duo Cat12 to work with T-Mobile, they worked hard to resolve it. I am still working through AT&T with their plan to work on the Pepwave - it just hangs on connecting to IP Address. I learned an expiensive and valuable lesson, only buy from companies that have full technical support and a live person to call. I need assistance with my Pepwave but MobileMustHave will not respond to my support tickets and there is no number to call. I am using the Peplink Community to resolve my issues.

To some degree, I fault Peplink in your situation. The seller of the product is responsible for providing 1st level support. I suspect in many cases, the sellers are simply lacking the technical knowledge to effectively troubleshoot an issue.

In my opinion, Peplink should have some minimum technical qualifications/certifications in place to ensure their selling partners are competent enough to resolve issues surrounding the products they are selling.

Connectivity to the cellular providers can be a real PITA at times. Isolating the issue can be very time consuming. Most of the time, 1st level tech support at the cellular provider is less than stellar.

In my situation with MobileMustHave, they flat out told me, in so many words, what I was trying to accomplish was above their technical ability, It involved using SpeedFusion to establish a connection to a cellular network on my RV.

SpeedFusion appears to be one of Peplink’s premier products. That MobileMustHave would/could not address my issue was very dissapointing.

Hopefully Peplink will adress this support issue with their selling partners.

Is MobileMustHave a certified reseller or distributor? I don’t see them on the list (https://www.peplink.com/peplink-certified-partners/)


If you go to their website, you will see a Peplink Certified Platinum Partner logo displayed. I know they sell a lot of Peplink product.

I bought equipment from them over a year ago. At that time one could call them & they were very helpful. It appears they are now more focused on pushing product to the RV & boating community & the level of support provided is no where near what it was when I purchased my equipment.

I assumed that the APN would be a setting configured on the SIM from the wireless carrier. This way when inserted to a device, the device would read the SIM and be able to configure itself properly. My TMobile SIM worked this way. NOTE I did have to call TMobile to have them correct my IMEI number. Somehow they had some bogus number. Initially it would not connect and would just spin. After changing the IMEI to the correct number on TMobile the connection was then successful. You might check that as well to make sure ATT has the right IMEI number. May be an easy fix for you.
Is the ATT plan offered on their website? I’m interested in checking into it.

Its been a few weeks, any update on your issue?

Not sure if it’s the same issue, but I recently replaced an AT&T SIM (6818 - white card with 5G branding) and the new one would not work with the auto APN setting. For some reason the modem was trying to use the T-Mobile APN (fast.t-mobile.com). I manually set it to broadband and connected immediately. My other AT&T SIM works fine with auto/default APN.

Hi, yes MMH somewhat helped me in the end. The ATT Sim I purchased was a walk in to the store kinda thing and asked specifically for the 100GB for $55. The first problem was it was a 5G card and MMH told me it needed to be a 4G card so I swapped it for the orange 4G. Then the APN turned out to be simply “broadband”. I have been up and running since.
I don’t look forward to any other day I have an issue down the road and the type of response I may or may not get,

Just a general comment w.r.t. APNs: Whether their entry is automatic or not may depend on the combination of carrier/plan/equipment. E.g., for Verizon dynamic IP plans (those that we have encountered) the APN is automatically entered, whereas for static IPs it is automatic if you enter “Verizon” as the carrier in the Peplink device, but has to be entered manually if you enter “auto” or “generic” (e.g., if you employ SIM cards for more than one plan).



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MobileMustHave has been the worst customer service I have never received from a tech company - and that is saying a lot! They could never get my ATT to work and the provider they are using for their service was horrible. I switched over to EvdodepotUSA and I get support 100% of the time I call them. They are based in New England and are a good bunch of lads. I went with their TMOBILE and Sprint package. We are still trying to troubleshoot ATT but it is on ATT side. I have a Verizon 30GB backup plan for when I get jammed and only they are available.

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I’m curious if you want to share (or send me a private message). Is MobileMustHave still using these guys as their “data partner”?

I had them for a month or so after I bought the router from MMH and it worked okay but I canceled because I wasn’t using it enough to justify the price.

I think I’m reasonably skilled at finding stuff online but I couldn’t find any clue as to who or where that data partner is. Not that it really matters I guess but it seemed weird to be paying an anonymous vendor by PayPal.

I have no idea - They do not disclose who they are. I know the lad that was “helping” me was very unhelpful. I bought the router with the ATT service from them. I am out the 350 and the 150 a month
They charged me even though the service never worked. MMH has never even attempted to answer one email and never returned the call. I call EvdodepotUSA once a month to verify my usage. The lads are super friendly and always answer the phone and emails. I learned my lesson but it cost me 500 dollars.