"No PPPoE Service Detected" on a Peplink Balance 210 Router

Hello experts,

after almost a couple of years, one of our customer using a Peplink Balance 210 Router (running Firmware 5.4.9) faced an issue with WAN2 (a Wireless connection set up using PPPoE).

Basically it got suddenly disconnected early this morning and it errors with “No PPPoE Service Detected”.

WAN1 and SpeedFusion VPN are just fine.

The ISP rebooted their CPE device and says that everything is working properly from their side. The ISP also says “we don’t see any PPPoE request coming from your device”. When asked, we did the same with the Peplink Balance 210 Router, but we had no luck.

Can you please provide any suggestions as to what may be wrong? Are there any logs we can look into ?

I have also opened Ticket #749693.

Any help/information will be greatly appreciated.




Since you have opened ticket, we will follow up from there. Please help to turn on Remote Assistance for this unit.

Hi TK Liew,

first of all thank you for taking the time to reply to my question.

I have just turned on Remote Assistance for the unit.

If you need any additional clarification/information/details please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and Regards,