Newbie struggling with internet dropping

So don’t use http wan check? but smartcheck when using speedfusion?
When smartcheck is enabled, is it going through speedfusion or the cellular WAN directly?

SmartCheck watches inbound and outbound traffic and when traffic isn’t responded to, starts pinging google to test the connection.

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But does it ping through the speedfusion link or directly through the cellular WAN link?
For example: the proxy fails at ATT - this would pass if the smartcheck pings through the speedfusion, but fail and restart the modem if pinging from the cellular wan directly.
Also what does it do when it fails? Restart the modem or?

All health checks apply directly to the WAN link they are configured on. When it fails, it marks the WAN as down and depending on type of connection, tries to recover. The thing about this method is that it’s not using http so it’s not affected by the proxy issues. So as long as your traffic is also not using http by using SpeedFusion, you get to keep working :slight_smile:


@apepuser so I setup speed fusion yesterday. Going on hour 12 of steady internet. Caveat, all my devices except my own iphone and Xbox are tunneled. I have many home automation and security connected to my wireless. When I tried Netflix from the Xbox, it was restricting titles because of my location. As soon as I removed the Xbox from the tunnel, all the titles that I wanted to watch appeared. My cell phone I leave out just as a test. So now, I wonder if the issue is from number of devices behind the NAT, if somehow it’s getting restricted or as some have said, proxy is overwhelmed.

I got another AT&T sim today, going to remove the speedfusion and try this one.

Thanks for the update @Matthew_Rice let me know if it keeps going and I’ll give that a shot

I’ve been trying to get up and running with openMPTCP, an open source project that does essentially the same thing I think (aggregate multiple connections into one using a remote proxy). I had mixed success getting the aggregate. I don’t know how it’d work with this problem but it is a tunnel I believe on non standard ports

Was it quick to set up speed fusion? You using multiple connections?

@apepuser It was quick to setup speedfusion, I only have the one cell connection currently so it was only using that. Installed firmware 8.1 and it appeared in the GUI. Enabled NYC connection and click to add the clients you want to tunnel through.

@Matthew_Rice connection still working?

Do you need FusionHub to set up Speed Fusion (I’m assuming your router/modem talks to a FusionHub instance you setup, and that enables you to use Speed Fusion)? or did you do it another way? and you are just using the PepVPN with SpeedFusion?


We are using speedfusion cloud. Which doesn’t require anything except setting up the trial and upgrading the firmware.

@apepuser I am using speedfusion cloud, as @Daniel_Barnett says - upgrade to newest firmware and you will see that option at the top of the GUI admin page.

I got the AT&T sim installed and it was lousy slow horrible - I emailed the provider to find out whats up.

Can I set my peplink to auto-reboot on a schedule in the middle of the night so when I wake up the internet is back up ?

See Schedule Reboot peplink Balance 380 - #2 by zegor_mjol (afaik, this works the same across the product lines)


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Does anyone know if there is a way to schedule reboot multiple times a day. The link @zegor_mjol provided (thank you) works but only allows for (1) scheduled time daily.


@apepuser just an update. I got another AT&T SIM this one is from another reseller and is throttled at 8mb up/down. I still have problems dropping off the internet. I had a talk with someone at AT&T after I complained to the FCC, basically they told me I was at the edge of cell service (not true) and without an “official” AT&T plan they couldn’t help me. I’m not inclined to buy an official plan since the data caps are laughable. I’m in a holding pattern now until I can figure out what to do next.

Its possible the tower is overloaded. In some locations I am lucky to get 1-2mbps out of AT&T during the day. Other locations I see 50mbps. As for edge of service, how do you know that isn’t true?

@mystery I have two sims, one works fine and has 50+ MB’s speed but after 3-5 hours I have to reboot the LTE modem and reconnect. Then it’s fine.

Second sim is consistent 8mb but also kicks me off after 3-5 hours.

I can see the tower and my signal is strong so I’m pretty sure my service signal isn’t to blame.

I live in a town with less than 2k people and the majority of local users aren’t AT&T since this tower was only put up last year


Do you think you can open a ticket for this ? Support team will be able to help you to trace the issue. I being working with @Legionetz for similar issue but the issue really depend carrier , data plan , SIM card and cellular bands used that including peak hours , weekend vs week days, night time and others. You can ATTN the ticket to “sitloongs” if you want me to have a look on it.

I have spent painful months understanding and navigating this AT&T problem. Summarizing my outcomes here in hopes of sparing others.

As @spiceweasel shows from AT&T Community Forums, this is a very widespread and widely discussed AT&T problem. I have experienced it on my iPhone 8, my MOFI4500’s, and two different models of Peplink router (one a CAT-12, the other a CAT-18).

However, it does not occur in all geographic locations. I spend time in one particular PA location and one particular VA location. It happens consistently in PA and never in VA.

The best overall solution, if possible in your case, is to use a different carrier. It turns out that Sprint has cells on the same nearby tower I was using for AT&T, so I only needed to find good Sprint data plans. For a small one ($55/month for 40GB), I have been happily using Mobility Help Desk for several months. For a huge one ($129/month for 800GB), I’ve gotten a great impression of EvdodepotUSA during my first few weeks with them.

As many in this thread observe, one work-around with AT&T is to use a VPN or SpeedFusion. These have downsides. Notably, they change your IP address in ways that entertainment streaming may not accept.

Another work-around with Peplink is to run two AT&T SIM cards and an HTTP health-check. Peplink notices when HTTP fails on one SIM card and switches to the other. This does mean you get a couple-minute outage every one to several hours. Presumably, if you have backup internet connection such as a second cellular router, you could set that up as a WAN and have a downstream Peplink router automatically fail over to it.


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you could try to use google DNS instead of ATT DNS services. If DNS is down or inaccessible, it can look like a link is down. Next time it craps out, try doing a DNS query to see if it succeeds. You can also try to bypass DNS by trying to ping an IP directly ( is google DNS and it can be pinged)

If not, you can go back to the old firmware (I think the max mini still has two firmware slots) and see if it makes things better.

You can always submit a ticket to the Peplink team to have them take a closer look. Peplink Ticketing System

Both SIMs are on the same exact same plan?

As for a majority not being AT&T, don’t forget about MVNOs and other carriers might be letting their subscribers roam on AT&T.