Newbie struggling with internet dropping

Thanks Sitloongs. This is happening at least daily now. Can you please do me a favor and check ticket # 20070808. I re-enabled remote access and uploaded the diagnostics report. I just would like you to confirm in my case this is a cellular carrier issue as others have described? Thank you!


Sure , let me have a look.

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Rebooted 6 times so far in the last 36 hours.

[Pepwave MAX Transit Cat 18]
[Health Check - Disabled]
[Firmware: 8.1.0 build 4943]


This is not related to the device configuration issue. It’s more to service provider level not forwarding certain traffics types after sometimes.

Some of the users feedback the SpeedFusion Cloud can by pass the service provider issue as SpeedFusion traffics is not affected when the issue happen. We need all the users having the issue please contact AT & T to notify the issue and seek for the fix.

You mentioned [Health Check - Disabled] : Supposedly you should identify which type of the traffics is not able to forward when the issue happen and try to use the WAN health check tool to detect the failure and this should able to temporary workaround the issue until service provider end fix the issue.

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What Heath check should I use. Smart check does not work for me

Http - what setting should be used ?

Well, we’ve tried all of the alternatives at one time or another. We tend to use PING most often. It’s a light payload and is reasonably reliable. If you do that I would specify the target by numerical address, e.g., [for Google’s secondary DNS] rather than


I think Peplink team was looking at adding HTTPS in addition to HTTP (since most websites are HTTPS) now.

y’all still having this problem? I am… any updates or work arounds?

I didn’t have much luck with the smart check, but it would fail if I set it to HTTP (not https) and to check some random websites like and

It didn’t seem to do anything other than report failure , maybe I didn’t wait long enough for whatever automated fix would happen. Pretty reliant on inet so I’d just end up rebooting

I did sign up for speedfusion but have not tried that yet.

Has anyone found an alternative to ATT?
We are using an unlimited grandfathered SIM. We use loads of data.

We tried the “unlimited” verizon grandfathered sims and got like 30kbps… very depriritized.

We honestly wouldn’t mind paying a little more but for the amount of data we use it would be like $15k a month for the “pay as you go” plans they offer.

I’ve been really happy with my unlimited AT&T data only SIM from as I regularly have between 40mbps and 110mbps down and it hovers around 50ms latency.

I don’t think that would be any different than what we have now. The problem is ATT suddenly over the last 2-3 months went to crap and the link locks up after half a days use. And we have to restart the modems non stop to fix it. Trying to find an alternative company.

I hate to ask this on a pepwave forum… but does anyone else that has a different brand of LTE modem also have this issue at the moment?
We are thinking about buying a few other brands for testing. It’s getting to the point where it’s making IT dept look terrible having to restart a modem 4 times a day.

@Daniel_Barnett don’t bother with another device. I tried that and it did the same exact thing. This is an AT&T issue. I just ordered another sim and I’m going to try using the health check to failover when it goes down.

I’ve got a nice mofi I’m selling cheap now if your interested :joy:

Wonder if this is only affecting the “grandfathered” sims?
We had HTTP health checking on and it still didn’t fix anything.
In fact it acted like it was all good, but no traffic passes.
I could even log into the router and restart it… makes no sense.

Does anyone know what the “latency” is pinging? in the WAN check?

It may only be the prepaid sims but not sure we’ve identified if all those affected are prepaid. Some said they had enterprise plans and still have this issue.

@Daniel_Barnett when you enabled health check on the WAN what sites did you set for the http check? I used some that Pepwave have me and it did fail the check when my internet dropped. I can dig those up if you want. Google always seems to work, and display search results. But no sites can be reached. Kinda odd but AT&T May have a local google cache so it doesn’t leave their network to save bandwidth.

Finally saw it mentioned in other forums.


@spiceweasel thank you for sharing this. I read through and filed an fcc complaint. Pretty unbelievable that the issue is so widespread yet AT&T does nothing.

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Question for peplink people:

So if we use speedfusion cloud as basically a single wan VPN. And it bypasses the proxy lockups with ATT. Do we also need to turn off the WAN http check?

We don’t want it restarting the modem everytime the ATT proxy locks up. If its working through the speedfusion VPN still.
Also does the http WAN check even restart the modem? Hows that work?

Does the WAN http check go through speedfusion if it’s turned on? There is “latency” under WAN status reports… what is it pinging to get this latency??

Smartcheck with SpeedFusion VPN works pretty well for bypassing these proxy issues.

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