New forum software

Is there any documentation available for use of the new forum software? After an hour of playing I find it pretty confusing, but will reserve final judgement for a few weeks or so.

Questions so far:

  • How do I change my profile picture (avatar) as it looks like old ones didn’t transfer?

  • How do I mark topics read without visiting each one?

  • What keyboard shortcuts are available?


I suspect that the forum developers are still working hard on the data migration. Then we’ll likely get an update and some guidance I expect.


I’m hoping read/unread marks start working again. For an OCD person like myself having 11657 unread articles is driving me nuts … lol :slight_smile:


Why am I not receiving email notification for replies to threads I was subscribed to before the migration? Thanks.

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Suggest we all hammer the blue feedback button on the right for things that aren’t working as expected.

I don’t think I have enough life left to do that. ;<)

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for all your effort!

Feedback is important to us. The more we receive, the more it helps us to achieve the best version of Peplink Community! :smiley:

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Hi Festus77,

Thanks for your patience.

You’ve highlighted some great areas of improvement for us! Our developers are working on these and we hope to bring solutions by early next week.

In the meantime:

  • TBC

Thank you!


Hi C_Mertz,

Our developers are in the process of changing the logic to resolve this issue.

We have marked this as a high priority, as I know there are many users out there who also can’t bear the sight of 11657 unread articles (myself included) :smiley:

Thank you for your patience!


Hi Mystery,

We’re working to resolve this. Please bear with us in the meantime.


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I’ve rewritten my post several times, but let’s just say I find the new forum difficult to use and a significant step back from the relative simplicity of the previous forum. At least that software could do things like word-wrap in a text box correctly. This is truly awful.

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Hi Madcodger,

We are addressing these issues as quickly as we can, to bring the forum back on par with the previous. Word wrapping will be implemented and fixed by the end of today.

Please understand that as a team, we envision big plans for this platform and we hope our community can trust our decisions and bear with us through this process.

My out of the box reaction to the new software

–The author of the Forum item is shown in right side vertical column. The author of each response is shown right next to the response. It should be consistent, so show the author of the original question right next to the question.

–When viewing an item, the user interface consists of 3 vertical columns with pretty much no visual indicator of where the columns begin and end. Just a sea of white. Do background colors cost money?

–In viewing a list of forum items, the small yellow circle means what?

–Next to the blue FEEDBACK button should be an INFO button that explains stuff. A FAQ perhaps.

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This feature is now fixed and notifications should be received for any post you are subscribed ( normal, tracking, watching) to.