So, the big question: why did Peplink build its own forum?

As you know, we often see a vision for the future and chase it relentlessly. That’s how we developed SpeedFusion, SpeedFusion Cloud, and FusionSIM: we experimented, improving rapidly from mistakes until we developed game-changing technologies.
Now imagine a forum that’s more than a forum: a place that offers solutions, resources, and easy access to like-minded individuals. That’s the vision we’re going after. To break past the previous platform’s limitations, we took the plunge and moved away from off-the-shelf forum solutions. Looking back, it’s clear we’ve underestimated the challenges this transition would bring.

With that being said, from your honest feedback, we’ve gained important knowledge on what makes the forum tick. Also, this project has given our developers the opportunity to find their passion. And as you know, passion is what drives us all forward. For Peplink, we always see opportunity in risk. We embrace change and take on new challenges.
We’re doing everything we can to alleviate issues where possible. Below is our schedule for addressing the most important concerns and reaching feature parity:

  • Resolved and tested issues will be pushed out continuously as and when they are ready (update below).
  • Ultimate completion of all high priority issues est 2-3 months
  • Alongside this, the team are working on phase 2 of the site and will launch with changes and new integrations shortly after.

We are confident that the forum will improve very quickly, after all, “WE MAKE IT ALWAYS WORK!”. We hope this explains the reasoning behind the transition and how we’ll move forward.
Thanks again for everyone’s patience and support. Please follow this post for the latest updates on forum fixes etc, and keep hitting that feedback button!


Please find below an update on the progress of performance enhancement for the forum.
Resolved issues (schedule to be pushed out this week):

  • Ignore button fixed
  • Drafting post will not disappear if clicking outside of the box
  • Clicking on the avatar icon at any point will direct to users profile
  • Direct message response
  • Back button now remember where users left off
  • User response time indicated on profile now fixed
  • Post like notification
  • Search by category- elastic search
  • Reply box
  • Page marked as read
  • Toolbar


  • Direct link should now direct you to the exact post.- Highest priority
  • Newest post to follow bottom to top
  • Unresponsive hover buttons
  • Groups not showing all users
  • “Peplink Team icon”
  • Emojis
  • UI/UX Changes

Last Updated 27/09/2021

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Can location be enabled? Would be very helpful to see a poster’s location. Some cellular stuff is location specific.

A link to some of our frustrations as written in another post

Here are some more comments to add:

  • Using the Page Up key cause a popup window to appear. image.png
    You need to select cancel or do a double page up to remove.
  • All the previous forum activities (like badges) have gone; these were great ways to encourage and measure forum engagement.
  • Gone is the modified profile photos for all Peplink team members; this was a great visual reference to show Peplink staff members.
  • When creating a post or a reply, the previous platform would autosave and allow you to come back and pick up where you were.

The previous platform, hosted by, was an open-source solution available at so why could Peplink not be a contributor to that opensource rather than developing a proprietary platform? Another suitable option would have been to take the hosting back from and then, as it is open-source, evolve it from there, which would have been a lot smoother and given Peplink a better experience for all of the forum members.

I am an advocate of Peplink, though the marketing decisions (which this appears to be driven by) put the Peplink branding and reputation at risk.

Does the Peplink marketing and management team realise they are putting all of the partners & community at risk that supports the forum through the current decisions?

Several members have voiced their concerns, and only a couple have expressed their support (one of them I support with everything they do, though I respectfully will disagree with them here with the new platform); these are just some of the running threads we have found

I encourage Peplink to roll back to the Discourse platform, host it yourself if you must, and then develop your enhancements from there as it is open source. Peplink would be well advised to roll back sooner than later and focus Peplink’s resources back into the evolving hardware, firmware & services that had been going so well (as previously coved by @dajian888 on 01 August 2021 and @Madcodger on 13 September 2021 in some of the other threads above).

I have found this new platform less intuitive to use and somewhat clumsy. All of our other throughs have got sent previously via the feedback option and in emails. As emails and Feeback have not been acknowledged or responded to, we now have to join others in voicing our concerns publicly.

Fellow Peplink Forum Community members, if you disagree with me, that is OK; you are free to say so. If you do agree with me, then please let Peplink know.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


I would absolutely love to see the old forum hosted by discourse returned. I honestly have not seen any progress lately and it is quite aggravating. People have asked for the return of previous functionality that was used daily and if any reply was received it was along the lines of “please be patient, blah, blah, blah”. This new mish-mash has no cohesiveness, no theme, no help functionality, no nothing that recommends it be kept.

Please, please take @mldowling & others advice on going back to Discourse. Like he said, it’s open-source and a damn fine product.

Peplink supplies extraordinary hardware, firmware, software and support. A good forum? Not anymore.


This is exactly what I expected to happen. A lot of frustration from existing users, including some power users.

However, at this point, I don’t think Peplink can revert back to the old forum now. It is already too late to do that. All they can do is to work very hard to implement more features.

Of course, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from this. No beta-testing (I know it is hard to beta-test a new forum, but there are ways for doing this); no thorough checklist to compare all the features between two platforms; late notice (we don’t know they are migrating to new forum until a week before it happens).

That being said, I think there are still many benefits in this new forum. My guess is many new users may actually prefer the new forum because of the modern UI and better graphics. It is easier for future extensions because it is developed in house. More importantly, it integrates with marketplace.

Trust me, comparing to Ubiquiti Networks’ forum migration, Peplink’s team actually did a better job on responding to feedbacks, although I agree it may still not be fast enough.

On the other hand, Peplink team should realize that the potential damage is huge. In Ubiquiti’s case, some power users stopped using their new forum (although many came back after a year), and many existing users switched to Discord and even Reddit to do their discussions.

IMHO, all the complaints are justified, although I am more on the optimistic side and I believe over time this new forum will get better and even be a lot better than the old one.


Please find below an update on the progress of performance enhancement for the forum.

Resolved issues (scheduled to be pushed out early next week):

  • Peplink Team/ Forum Group badge icon
  • Direct Link to exact post response
  • Pressing the ‘Back’ key should now bring you back to the exact place you left off
  • Default setting ‘sort by’ (post only)
  • Tracking category button will now be visible
  • Shortcuts now ready
  • Up key pop up window disabled @mldowling


  • Reply draft autosave
  • User profile- hyperlink to see which post is reviewed or replied to
  • Emoji
  • UI/UX navigation improvement
  • display of group users.
  • Location display

Last Updated: 08/10/2021

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Hello @Shereen,
Still not fixed, pressing Page Up still causes this.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

This has been included in our phase 2 launch for Peplink Forum. For now, our focus lies on fixing immediate critical issues. Added features, will come in due time.

Following, multiple requests for this feature. Our developers have implemented this and will be pushed out early next week.

Drafted posts will be auto-saved in the profile draft folder. User icon> Personal > draft. As for auto-saving replies, we are working to resolve this.

Please note: we understand, some features like the above are available but difficult to find for users. We are working with our UI/UX developers to push out the new design in the coming week or so. Please bear with us.

Appreciate all response and feedback.

This is possible, so long as users’ profile has set up their location. We will implement a drop-down bar of listed countries and push this feature out.

Hi Marcus,

The issue has been fixed and is in its final round of testing. All listed features are scheduled to be pushed out early next week.


Please find below an update on the progress of performance enhancement:

Pending action:

  • UI/UX Navigation improvement
  • Notification for changes to a thread that has a status of ‘Watching’
  • Reply draft feature
  • Location display
  • Abandon Reply- no response issue
  • toolbar

Please note: some features require more technicality than other, so will take longer to implement. Thank you
Last Updated 15/10/2021

Please find below an update on the progress of performance enhancement for the forum.

Resolved issues (scheduled to be pushed out early next week):

  • Toolbar
  • Unresponsive ‘no’ button when abandoning a reply
  • Dropdown of countries in user profile setting
  • Notification will direct to exact response/post
  • Category post arrangement
  • Unrelated post in cases section
  • Report of reply button deleting response @Martin_Langmaid
  • Expand size of reply box
  • Expand size of direct message reply box
  • UI navigation for header (hamburger menu)
  • Last activity time on post does not correspond to activity
  • Iterations used to create thumbnails of external links
  • Format of quoted text
  • Carrage returns, new lines not spaced correctly
  • Removal of “message me” button when users are not loged in
  • Whisper posts removed
  • Post timer button removed


  • Default ‘sort by’ for each post
  • Unresponsive reply button at the top each post
  • Clicking outside of text box when drafting a direct message will delete message
  • Reply draft area

It would be insightful for our team to hear from our users what cool, useful or interesting features you would like to see appear on Forum/Community? Please share :smiley:

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what does the eye symbol with a diagonal line through it mean? In the post box it says “whisper”? What is that? I am seeing a lot of posts with this symbol all of the sudden.

These are hidden comments left by external members. However, we have since removed this feature. Once testing has been done, you should see this symbol removed from the forum in the coming days.

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I’d love to see keyboard shortcuts re-instated. They make navigation faster and smoother.

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Good news! This is now available and can be found via User Icon> User Preference > Keyboard shortcuts.

Leaving below for your reference:

Please find below an update on the progress of performance enhancement for the forum.

Resolved issues:

  • redirect to the login page if the user is not logged in, when trying to create a topic
  • add bin icon
  • show message sender info in tablet
  • scrollbar fix
  • notification redirect to exact reply
  • fix whisper post for general user
  • hide message me button when user are not logged in
  • remove delete timer icon
  • fix abandon reply
  • drop down country in user profile
  • new dropdown menu under avatar
  • middle click link count
  • category page fix to remove unrelated post
  • fixed solution collapsible and link reset timeline when in details
  • remember reply sorting preference
  • prevent adding existing tags in advanced search
  • clicking solution will scroll to the exact reply
  • V1.0.5


  • Full screen direct message
  • Unresponsive reply button (top of post)
  • Clicking outside of the box removes post
  • Unable to view direct message response

gh doesn’t do anything
gu takes me to “LATEST” which includes Read & Unread
gl doesn’t do anything
gc goes to the compose window (same as just typing “c”)
gb doesn’t do anything
gp doesn’t do anything
gm doesn’t do anything
gd doesn’t do anything

b doesn’t do anything

= doesn’t do anything - don’t even see a hamburger menu
/ search works fine
? opens the keyboard help menu fine
shift z logs me out
c creates a new topic
shift p nothing happens
shift s brings up a share menu
shift a brings up flag menu

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Please find below an update on the progress of performance enhancement for the forum.

Resolved issues (scheduled to be pushed out next week):

  • Unresponsive reply button (top of post)
  • Full-screen reply box
  • Highlighted reply post once submitted
  • Users automatically added to corresponding groups
  • Back key fixed
  • Keyword active search


  • Full screen direct message reply box
  • Viewing issues with direct message
  • Direct message- clicking outside of reply box removes post
  • Keyboard shortcut revisions