NAT from LAN to WAN BR1

The problem is the following:

We have a BR1 connected to its WAN port with an MPLS (static ip cisco, its address in the BR1 WAN is In the LAN we have the subnet
The problem is that requests from the red LAN to the selected proxy server with only one IP that is and no privileges can be given to each IP of the BR1’s red LAN.

Is it possible to do a NAT from the LAN from BR1 to WAN from BR1? for example:

LAN NAT in the WAN network


Base on the explanation above, guessing you are looking at the outbound traffics NAT to specific WAN IP address. This can be done.

  1. Add additional Public IP ( for the WAN interface.

  2. Configure NAT mapping settings

Hope the above will help for your settings.

Note :
Make sure you are running using latest firmware just to avoid the feature may not available in old firmware.

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