NAT de LAN de BR1 a WAN de BR1

El problema es el siguiente:

Tenemos un BR1 conectado en su puerto WAN con un MPLS (cisco ip estática su dirección en el BR1 WAN es En la Red LAN tenemos la subred
El problema es que las peticiones de la red LAN al servidor proxy llegan con solo una IP que es la y no se puede dar privilegios a cada IP de la red LAN del BR1.

¿Es posible hacer un NAT de la LAN del BR1 al WAN del BR1? por ejemplo:

LAN NAT en la red WAN


Replied here:


Thank you very much, it worked, it is exactly the configuration that we required.


In the case of PepVPN, can the same be done? We have a balance 710 with a wan that reaches the proxy server. The scenario is as follows: when the connection to the wan port fails, the Wi-Fi enters and everything is sent by the PepVPN.

NAT Mapping will work when traffics sent from LAN to WAN. PepVPN traffics route to the central device when sent out to WAN will follow the NAT Mapping as well.

Can you provide network diagram for the design ? WIFI enters ?

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It is intended that the same scheme for when MPLS works is with PepVPN using WIFI WAN or CEL WAN

The idea is that when the mpls fail, the computers reach the server through the VPN


This can be achieve using outbound policy.

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It is correct, so it is configured, the problem is that all vpn come out with the same ip. How can I do so that the IP of some equipment of the lan network of BR1 arrives with the same IP to the server?