Multiple Speedfusion Profiles

I’ve got a Max Transit connecting to a FusionHub running in Azure. Is it possible to have multiple VPN profiles for that configuration, similar to how Speedfusion Cloud works? I’d like to be able to create another profile with WAN Smoothing or FEC turned on for certain traffic.

When I tried creating a second one it wouldn’t let me use the same Remote ID, but maybe there is another way to do it.

On the speedfusion profile page, click the question mark and there is an advanced setting for multiple tunnels to the same end point.

Thanks so much, that’s great news. Unfortunately I’m not seeing the option after looking through all of the question marks.

This is on the client side? Do you remember which one of these has it?
NAT Mode
Remote IP Address / Host Names
Data Port
Bandwidth Limit
WAN Smoothing
Forward Error Correction
Receive Buffer
WAN Connection Priority

You missed it… the one above name, far right side. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the very top profile one and once you click it, you will have tabs on the bottom half like this…

Middle of the page omitted for security reasons :wink:

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Awesome, that’s what I’m looking for. I see it on the FusionHub VM, but I don’t see the option on the Max Transit side. Is it not available for that device?

On a Max Transit I think it’s part of PrimeCare / an optional feature. Someone from peplink will have to chime in because my Max Transit has primecare for the first year for free, so speedfusion is there for me.

Btw., found this tutorial finally…

Hmm… I have the PrimeCare version too, and can enable SpeedFusion on it. I just don’t see the option for the additional tunnels.

Thanks for the tutorial, that explains how to set it up well.

I clicked to add a new blank tunnel and took a screenshot. I’m on MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM on firmware 8.0.2

I see the issue… that feature was disabled in the SpeedFusion Cloud firmware 8.0.2s091. I loaded a regular firmware version (actually went to the current beta 8.1.0b02 build 4906) and it is available now.

Thanks for the pointer, nice to have this option to play with.