Multiple Cellular WAN

I have four of the new Sprint MiFi 8000 units on Band 41 (similar unit to the Verizon MiFi 8800), and each of them with the 100GB per month plan.

Right now I am bouncing from unit-to-unit as each unit reaches their 100GB limit. The Peplink Balance One seems link a perfect solution for me.

My question is: does the Balance One support a WiFi connection from the Balance One to the MiFi8000, or do I need some sort of an ethernet to USB-C dongle to hard wire the MiFi8000 units to the Balance One? The MiFi8000 has a USB-C port.

Since the MiFi8000 is a multi-client router, then it has its own IP address (e.g,, …). So this is a router-to-router kind of connection…

I’m unsure if this is the “WiFi as WAN” mode in the Balance One, or something else.

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Edit: I see this comment about the Balance One and Verizon 8800L. But it doesn’t answer my “how” question:
Balance One LTE USB devices

and I have 4 devices, so I am not using the single USB port on Peplink units.

The Balance One does support Wifi WAN, so you should be able to connect to the hotspot. However, if you own the Balance One Core, this does not have any wifi built into it, so if you own this version of the Balance One a USB-C to USB-A will be required.

I haven’t tried a USB-C to ethernet adaptor, so I can’t say for sure if this will work.

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Thank you Zach. I am ready to buy the Balance One (the full version, not the Core version).

I know that I would need to get the +3 WAN option to use more ethernet ports for WAN. But do I need to get the +3 WAN option in order to use a total of 4 WiFi WAN’s ?

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Wifi WAN is supported out of the box but you can only connect to one wifi network at a time. You would not be able to connect to all four wifi networks simultaneously.

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Thanks. I’ll get the +3 option so that I can use 4 ethernet WAN ports.

Hum… in digging through Peplink products more, it seems that the MAX-OTG-U4 may be a better option for me. Since my Sprint InSeeGo (Novatel) MiFi 8000 units have a USB port, I assume that I should be able to attach my 4 MiFi units to the 4 USB ports on the MAX-OTG-U4 to do the load balancing.

Other MiFi units are in the Peplink modem list, but I don’t see the newer units such as the Verizon MiFi 8800L or the Sprint MiFi 8000.

Will these units work with the MAX-OTG-U4 in the way that I am envisioning?

Also, the MAX-OTG-U4 would need to supply power on the USB ports for the MiFi 8000. The spec page for the MAX-OTG-U4 doesn’t say how much USB power is supplied. How much power does the MAX-OTG-U4 supply on each of the USB ports?

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I have not tested these with the MOTG because the MOTG is more for 3G capable modems. For this many 4G modems I would recommend looking at the MAX 700.

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