Balance One LTE USB devices


We have a few Balance One routers at my company and I am trying to find the best and most recent 4g LTE USB device that is compatible.

We have a working mifi 6620L usb lte device at one of our locations which works fine. However, that model is no longer available from our cell carrier Verizon. The current models they have listed are mifi 8800L, usb730L, mhs900L, and mifi m1000. None of these models are on the Peplink compatibility list. Are they truly not compatible or has the list not been updated yet? Obviously, I want to make sure the device will work before ordering.

Does anyone have any information on this, or have you used any of the newer models?

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Hello tsc,

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I have done an internal search and cannot find any information about two of the above USB modems, mhs900L and mifi m1000.

I’ve tried the 8800L and this did work with a Balance One. The usb730L is not supported.

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Hi Zach,

Mind if I ask what settings were used to connect the 8800L to your Balance One unit? I’ve been trying to get mine to work to no avail, just says Status: Connecting…, tried the WAN setup wizard in both auto and custom mode with the APN info inputted but makes no difference.