Most Compatible Verizon Modem for SOHO MK3

This question has been answered here, but it’s amazing how things change so rapidly. I currently have a consumer account with Verizon and was considering buying a SOHO MK3 Router. Some of the discussions have good information, but most is a little dated. Before I purchase a modem and get into a contract, activation, etc. with VZW, I wanted to buy the modem that is most reliable. The support list for the SOHO does not currently show any Verizon modem that is currently on sale by Verizon. I don’t mind buying an older version from Amazon or Ebay, I just want the most painless one to setup, as well as what is most reliable. If anyone has suggestions for the BEST VZW modem for the SOHO MK3, please let me know.

This may sound facetious but I would propose that the best modem might be the MAX BR1 MK2. That way you can do without the SOHO :slight_smile:.

The principal rationale is that the consumer modems provided by the carriers quite frequently fail to deliver reliable 24/7 connectivity, and you avoid the pain of integrating a separate modem with the router (a pain amply documented in this forum).

Additionally, packaging the router with the modem strikes me as a more robust and tidy set-up, even if you have to add a small switch (if you need more than one wired LAN port).

The WiFi and other capabilities are different for the two (and that may be important), so your use case may lead to a different conclusion than ours does.

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I’ll echo that. This forum is replete with similar questions/issues. The most straight-forward solution is to simply insert a VZW SIM into a robust product such as, for example, the BR1-Mini. Problem solved. Not a “cobbled-up” solution. Fewer “moving parts:” cables, support issues, connectivity questions, power supplies, etc.

I’ll stick with what I suggested here …


My 2 cents

If I had extra cash to kick around, I would for sure Go with the Max BR 1. The Netgear AC791L as been pretty good, but I would also like less moving parts.

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