More WAN ports on HD4's

Hello Peplink Team, we have had a few recent feature requests for the HD4’s, specifically for maritime solutions. Are there any plans to increase the number of WAN ports on the HD4’s? We understand the current work-around for this by adding a Balance 30 to the mix, but one thing we’re noticing is the yacht owners and captains are 100% against adding another piece of hardware on the boats, as space is a premium. I am sure this would be very well received by more than just maritime customers as well. Please let me know if you need anymore information on their requirements.

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Hello @TheMissingLink,

There is an option to purchase a licence, to convert LAN’s 1-3 to additional WAN ports.

The product code is MAX-HD4-LC-5WAN

Hope this helps,


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Whoa! How new is this license? Thanks so much Steve, this most definitely helps!

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