Extra WAN Licence for MBX models (HD2, HD4 & HD6)

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Hello Peplink team,
The new X-Series of routers have lots of promising features.

One feature missing from the MBX range is the ability (through a licence key) to change LAN ports into additional WAN ports.

We are looking at several deployments into the marine industry where the MBX units are getting deployed, though the need some additional WANs. The option of another 2 or 4 WANs as seen in the older MAX HD4 (3 to 5WAN Licence), Balance 210 (2 to 3 WAN Licence) & Balance ONE (2 to 5WAN Licence) would be a terrific option.

The MBX certainly appears to have the processing ability, and as has been seen with the Balance 310x what was the 3rd WAN got changed to a LAN so it is very much looking like a software/firmware programming feature potential.

In reference, here is a similar previous feature request from @TheMissingLink

The current workaround is to use an additional Balance TWO on the WAN(s) to get more WAN connections, obviously, this is not the most efficient use of power, space or materials when it could be done in the firmware.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


We’ve seen this request as well here couple of times


We also had a couple of requests for this feature.


+1 for me as well

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