More PepVPN & IPSec VPN's needed at lower price point

Any plans to expand the VPN capabilities? We have a need for hundreds of simultaneous VPN’s both PepVPN & IPSec VPN’s at the same time… but do not need the throughput of the expensive 2500 balance series… as an example, the Cisco RV042G supports 50 VPN’s for $180… we can’t get more then two VPN’s until we get into the $1,000+ price point with the Peplink balance, even then we would expect to be able to do more then 20 VPN’s for that money.

Any suggestions? I do notice that we can create more VPN’s then what is published… what are the true limitations in scenarios where data transfer is actually low, as in the case of M2M setups?


Hi Radiant,

Our Balance and Max routers are positioned differently from the Cisco VPN routers mentioned. In view of your requirements, it will be great that our marketing team be able to contact you directly and support your queries both commercially and technically on features in more details.

Thank you