Minimal setup in a Jeep w/ MAX BR1 Mini

I am looking to install the MAX BR1 Mini in my Jeep. The main usage will be when actively traveling, I will be working while my wife drives. I am seeking some insight as to the minimalistic install to get the best reception.

There is an antenna mount on the back, attached to the spare tire setup. The current idea is to put a short pipe on that to get an antenna above the roofline. The big question is: how much of an antenna do I need?

I have seen the Peplink PUMA 401 and similar antennas that contain everything in one package. My concern with that is it is a bit higher profile then I like on the end of a pole, in the wind, and all.

Laird Technologies makes some cell phone antennas that I think might be a better fit, but… they don’t have GPS and it is only one antenna, would I need a second antenna for the Cellular Diversity/Aux port or would I be fine with just one connection and no GPS?

Are there other options I don’t know about?

Jeep and a mini! I like it!

Maybe try a ANT-102-LTE2
Puma 401 or temp use , do two ACW-409’s
Peplink | Pepwave Online Shop
The 409’s aren’t really meant for outdoor use, not rain tight, but does have a magnetic base for temp use.
If it were me I’d do a Puma 401 for a more perm setup or temporarily do the 409’s and put some cauk around the antenna connection where the antenna screws to the base if I stuck with the mini.

The external rated routers have really good performance, so look at them as well.
You could also do a HD2-dome all integrated antennas and dual cellular router and get great signal,and two providers but it’s really big and you would still need internal wifi.

Do a BR1-IP67]( and mount to the spare tire area somewhere.

If you need to order some products send me a PM we are a peplink partner and happy to help.

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I did not know about the HD2-dome, interesting. Not what I am looking for, fore it looks like it is effectively the same antenna as the Puma 401, but since it has the cellar module in it, it will be more expensive. Since this will be outside my Jeep, thus something that could be stolen, I would like to keep as much of the brains inside as possible.

I just called my cellphone provider and they don’t offer sim cards for hotspots, where should I be going in the USA to look for sim cards?

The plans are all over the place.
Have a look at these threads.

Beyond that I’d do either a grandfather plan if you can find on ebay depending on data usage or Visible
Calyx roaming on t-mobile looks like a good option as well. is another option, all plans make work for a period of time , then be discontinued by the plan provider, so be aware and have backup options.

For commerical services we sell data by the GB , which is expensive , but isn’t used heavily and works for our customers.

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