Calyx SIM (sprint) in max transit duo

I’m trying to setup a sprint sim in my max transit duo. Currently I have a visible (verizon) sim working. The dashboard shows “obtaining IP”. I’ve changed many settings such as the network mode and APN and nothing seems to be working.

Has anyone been able to get a sim from Calyx to work? If so, can you share your settings, please?

Ever get an answer to your problem I am considering the same setup…

No. As best I can tell, you can’t move Sprint SIMS to a max transit duo router. No work-e.

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FWIW I’ve successfully used Mobile Swap Shop to ‘transfer’ a Calyx account over to a new GLW106Q SIM, for use in a MAX BR1 mini LTEA.

That’s super interesting. I searched for Mobile Swap Shop and only found a facebook page. Is that what you are referring to?

Yes, that’s the one.

No Sprint is a stickler, the Sprint sims are tied to the SIM serial and IMEI number of the device assigned and cannot be moved to another IMEI without notifying the provider and updating the change in the billing system

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I wonder if something just changed with this; perhaps related to the T-Mobile merger. I put my Calyx SIM in my Max Transit Duo a few days ago and it is working fine.


Really! Please do let us know if this continue to work.

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I just got a Calyx SIM and it’s working in a Transit Cat18 with auto settings. The correct APN is r.ispsn but when I set to auto, it connected fine. Sprint bands can be disabled to roam on T-Mobile. Takes a minute or two to connect, but works great.

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Got a 5G sim from them and it is not working, just reports “Obtaining IP Address”. Have a buddy with the 4G and it works, so it might be tied to their 5G SIM cards/service?

I’m wondering if 5G works too. I got the duo max cat6

So I got the T-Mobile data plan 100gb for $50

Do I have to activate the sim card first or can I just plug it into the modem and it’ll work?

I assume it’s already active, but other posts I’ve seen is you should restrict the device so it can only reach tmobile bands.

I bought both the Calyx 4G plan and the 5G plan and have found this. The 4G was easy to get up and running, and when I pull the sim, and put in the 5G sim, it just sits at the obtaining IP address. I’m new at this, however I have verified the 4g is easy to set up, and I can’t get the 5g to work