Is it possible to use a phone SimCard (Google Fi? Visible? Cricket?) with tethering/hotspot with a Peplink wireless router like Max Transit Cat 18?


I’m wondering if I can use my phone SIM card (obviously with an adapted) in Max Transit Cat 18? Assuming the SIM card has tethering/hotspot capabilities in the US?

The specific SIM carriers I’m thinking about is Google FI, Visible, and Cricket.



Read the recent thread this week about visible.

Most carriers lock down what plans are compatible outside of phones.

Most all prioritize/deprioritize data now. In the visible example, the peplink user found his data to be deprioritized compared to normal verizon plan.

Howardforums is a good resource for carrier discussion…

For a experience, see Faster speeds with verizon + att or verizon + verizon or att + att cellular connections? - #3 by zegor_mjol

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Thanks for the pointers. I’m new to this world, and it seems very finicky, all the variables and way to activate a SIM card to make it work. No easy path, I guess.

Hi Zegor,

Thank you so much. I read this thread, and the one embedded. What a complicated process for activating and configuring the SIM cards. It definitely looks very tricky to activate the SIM cards.

Given that accounts are not supposed to be used in anything but specific phones it speaks mostly to them being somewhat lackadaisical in their policy enforcement. :slight_smile:


I have used google fi , visable , and cricket.
For best results make sure you are using their apn’s.
For troubleshooting I also always use the real carriers t-mobile , verizon, att, in the same areas I’m testing.
You will get throttled on cricket, google fi is pay by the gb, and visable generally caps you at 5mbps.
Tho all of them have been more lax lately likely due to covid-19.

Google fi specifically has data only sims, and they work great. With visable and cricket YMMV.

Also had good luck with, good plan , good price, they are a mvno of t-mobile.


which ultra plan?

$49 for “unlimited data” , throttled after 50gb.

Does the plan still work with the pepwave cat 18?