May & June 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Winner: Netflix Movie Production from CYN Communications

We have unbreakable live-streaming for a Netflix movie! The MAX HD2 and Transit multi-cellular routers streamed video back to a datacenter equipped with FusionHub. Thanks to SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding, the video stream continued seamlessly even if a cellular link lost connectivity.

Behind the troops, choppers, and all the cool gear, you can see the joy and passion that the CYN Communications brought into the project. This deployment is raw, resourceful, and shows our stuff in action. The prize for this round is our newest AP One AX, Congratulations!

Honorable Mentions: West Networks and E-CAM Consultancy

You can always count on West Networks to bring in some serious firepower, in serious style. On that neatly cabled rack, we have 2x Balance SDX, 2x 8pt SD-Switch Rugged, and 2x 48pt SD-Switch Enterprise. As for what’s going on, the man himself said it best:

And this build we were ripping out a Cxxxx based switching environment with MPLS and replacing it with SpeedFusion… NICE!

E-CAM Consultancy did a breathtaking shot of the Transit. The composition and framing of this shot is really something else. This is a CCTV deployment with the Transit providing dual-cellular bandwidth bonding without the need for wired connectivity. Well deployed, and well photographed!

Spotted: Beachside Connectivity With the HD2 Dome

While relaxing on the beach with his family, one of our team members spotted an HD2 Dome in the wild! As the water streaks show, this device is thriving in its natural habitat: the great outdoors.The detachable mounting bracket makes installation and maintenance a simple matter. If anyone knows which partner this deployment is from, please let us know so we can credit them!

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