Peplink Photo Contest 2020

Show Us What You've Got!

The Peplink Photo Contest 2020 is now accepting submissions. Send us photos of your best deployments for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Let’s see what amazing stories our community has to share!

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Check this post for January 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations to RTL Radio Center Berlin for winning the photo contest this month! We’re holding this contest every month, so keep the photos coming!

This beachside photo shows off how Peplink SpeedFusion technology can enable broadcasts anytime, anywhere. To top it off, the deployment is tidy and the scenery is breathtaking. You have won our newest Balance 20x, our team will contact you shortly.

Honorable mention goes to Techfirm Canarias and the storm trackers at WCYB-TV for interesting applications of SpeedFusion and visual impact. Finally, our compliments to Industrial Networking Solutions, Tecnodata Srl, and Axxess Marine on their clean and appealing deployments.

We’re picking out winners each month with prizes to give away, so keep those photos coming!

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Check this post for February 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Winner: Thailand Marathon Coverage by CYN

These intrepid motorcyclists are broadcasting the Bangsaen 42 Chonburi Marathon. Each camera is hooked up to a SpeedFusion Engine worn by the motorcyclists at the front. We appreciate the novelty of the deployment, the realism of the scene, and the focused expressions of the crew.

Congratulations to CYN Communication Co. for winning this month’s photo contest with this deployment, we’ll be sending you a UBR LTE shortly. This is an ongoing contest, so share your deployments for recognition and for a chance at a nice prize!

Honorable Mentions:

Also from CYN:

A thai boxing match streamed using a MAX HD2. This deployment is interesting, the visuals compelling, and the product is an integral part of the story.

Streaming from inside a race car using the SpeedFusion Engine. Once again, a high-impact deployment that clearly shows what our gear is capable of.

Here is a maritime deployment from MiETS Limited. Here, the HD2 Dome is elegantly installed, and the photo is very visually appealing.

More Awesome Deployments:

This month, we have received a large number of quality entries, so we decided to share more of them. Enjoy!

Deployment from KnowIT Srl: desert connectivity for the 2020 Dakar Rally journalist Franco Iannone.

Additional entries from CYN Communications: Drone streaming, Esports broadcasting, and logistics management.

Cellular connectivity for the BBVA stadium by Connectivity Solutions, and vacation time connectivity for @mh-radiocom.

We’ll be holding the photo contest this month as well. Share your deployments for a chance to get featured as well as a shot at a cool prize!

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Check this post for March & April 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations @PeterWest, your team has won a SpeedFusion Engine! We regularly hold these contests, so send us your best photos for glory and a chance at a cool prize.

The winner for March and April is West Networks, cleanly integrating an HD4 MBX into a healthcare vehicle. This setup empowers healthcare workers to provide uninterrupted telemedicine services. The MBX can change modules to accommodate new technology standards such as 5G, making it futureproof.

Builders Blog Header Size (15) - Angus MacLeod

Honorable mention goes to Axxes Marine. This impressive yacht is equipped with some serious cellular capacity. With support for up to 16 cellular carriers, the owner of this yacht will always have access to local providers no matter where their adventures take them.

The contest goes on, so keep sending those photos!

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Check this post for May & June 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Winner: Netflix Movie Production from CYN Communications

We have unbreakable live-streaming for a Netflix movie! The MAX HD2 and Transit multi-cellular routers streamed video back to a datacenter equipped with FusionHub. Thanks to SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding, the video stream continued seamlessly even if a cellular link lost connectivity.

Behind the troops, choppers, and all the cool gear, you can see the joy and passion that the CYN Communications brought into the project. This deployment is raw, resourceful, and shows our stuff in action. The prize for this round is our newest AP One AX, Congratulations!

Honorable Mentions: West Networks and E-CAM Consultancy

You can always count on West Networks to bring in some serious firepower, in serious style. On that neatly cabled rack, we have 2x Balance SDX, 2x 8pt SD-Switch Rugged, and 2x 48pt SD-Switch Enterprise. As for what’s going on, the man himself said it best:

And this build we were ripping out a Cxxxx based switching environment with MPLS and replacing it with SpeedFusion… NICE!

E-CAM Consultancy did a breathtaking shot of the Transit. The composition and framing of this shot is really something else. This is a CCTV deployment with the Transit providing dual-cellular bandwidth bonding without the need for wired connectivity. Well deployed, and well photographed!

Spotted: Beachside Connectivity With the HD2 Dome

While relaxing on the beach with his family, one of our team members spotted an HD2 Dome in the wild! As the water streaks show, this device is thriving in its natural habitat: the great outdoors.The detachable mounting bracket makes installation and maintenance a simple matter. If anyone knows which partner this deployment is from, please let us know so we can credit them!

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Check this post for July 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Winner: West Networks Mammography

The winner for the July 2020 photo contest is this amazing deployment from @westnetworks. We regularly hold these contests, so show us what you’ve got!

12x HD1 Domes mounted in two rows… what a sight! Outdoor antennas often experience signal degradation, but the HD1 Domes solve this problem by processing the signal first and then connecting to the rest of the network using Ethernet cables.

The 12x cellular links connect back to an SDX Pro coming soon inside the mobile clinic where they are bonded together into a SpeedFusion connection that delivers scorching fast connectivity. This enables the mobile clinic to upload large mammography scans from remote locations.

Even though the cellular routers are on the roof of the clinic, the SIM cards are conveniently located in two SIM Banks on the server rack for easy switching. This deployment professionally integrates several of our products to create a system with unique capabilities. The prize for this contest is the new UBR Go… congratulations!

Honorable Mentions

This deployment from TECHfirm Canarias provides cellular bandwidth bonding for the drillship Pacific Santa Ana. Multiple cellular links are bonded into an SpeedFusion connection to a FusionHub in Houston, Texas.

Here’s @cynbangkok setting up connectivity for an Esporting event. The bandwidth in the building is not enough, so Cyn placed a Balance 1350 into the facility and used SpeedFusion to enable this event. Meanwhile, Swedish Radio Supply has this nice shot of the PDX in a beautiful location. You can take the PDX anywhere and plug it in for unbreakable connectivity!