MAX Transit Wi-Fi Antenna Issue

Dear Guys,

When installing both cellular and Wi-Fi antenna on MAX Transit device, Wi-Fi antenna can’t be adjusted at 90-degree as it has conflict with Cellar antenna.
please advise.


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Hello @Hootan_Rastkar,
We look at the shipped antennas as being there primarily for initial testing of the router and normally replace them with purpose antennas that are fitted to the clients installation as necessary.
In Australia we’d source most of our antennas from Telco Antennas in Queensland. A suitable antennas that has everything built in for the MAX range (based on just one LTE modem) is the MA450.K.LBICG.003

You can read more on the antennas specifications via this URL:

They ship internationally, and your own local suppliers should be able to help you source these also.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Dear Marcus,

Thank you very much for your advise. this is great product but it will cost 479 USD for the client. I was wondering why the original shipped antenna have conflict with each other! Is this a design issue or what ?


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Hey hootan,

You could also look for just a WIFI antenna. they are alot cheaper then the AIO sittuation. Also in what kind of setting will it be used ?

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Hello @Hootan_Rastkar,
Here is some more information that might help you if you are attempting to keep costs down.

According to the following URL, in the US you can get the antenna for about $287 USD.

From our experience the original supplied antennas are not conflicting with each other, the SMA connectors have been carefully placed to get the most out of the design. The MAX Transit is a very compact device and as @Wouter suggested, maybe just getting an external MIMO Wi-Fi antenna instead will solve your issue, Taoglas make a compact version of these as do many other manufactures,.

You may even find that just using a couple of short 15cm patch leads might do the job, here is an examples of the leads style.

Or for a longer length, have a look here as some options

Remember you can search for local suppliers of any of these solutions/suggestions we share here.
Hope this helps you along, our team is currently rolling out a bunch of MAX Transits and the solutions are not using any of the supplied antennas as application specific antennas are being used in for the customers.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

The MAX Transit is designed to mount in a vertical orientation, not horizontal.



Noted. Thanks

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