MAX Transit CAT18 WiFi WAN and WiFI AP


I am considering purchasing the new MAX Transit CAT 18.
it’s vital for me that it is able to establish a WiFi WAN automatically towards open or configured WiFI AP (both 5Ghz and 2GHz).

At the same time, while WiFi WAN is enabled and connected, local clients should be able to connect to the MAX Transit own APs (both 5Ghz and 2GHz), preferably on a single SSID (no distinction between 5Ghz and 2 GHz)
Is this possible?
Does it require any subscription?


Sorry, updated as I was incorrect.

You can do this it seems the TST is able to use a given radio for WWAN as well as serve clients at the same time.

Thanks for the reply,

I am kind of confused, here I can read that the BR1 that also has only 1x 2.4GHz and 1x 5GHz can do “some magic” and server WiFi WAN and AP at the same time?

Are you positive that there is no way to have WiFi WAN and WiFi AP at the same time on the same frequency on transit?

Yes sorry, I was somewhat out of date with my knowlege of the way the WWAN feature works on the TST, it seems this is indeed possible.

The “software magic” I expect is the radio is just time slicing between spending time TX/RX as a client to the upstream AP for WWAN duty and TX/RX to your downstream stations, or the 2ss radio is being split into 2x 1ss radios to allow it to work in both ways at the same time.

No problem, that sounds interesting. Do have any idea where I can read about this coexisting setup (WiFi WAN and WiFi AP).

I can 't really find some “hard facts” on the subject and MAX Transit CAT-18

I have Max Transit Cat 18 installed in my RV.
I have the RV park WiFi configured as a priority 2 connection. If my primary cellular SIM (primary 1) loses it’s connection, the CAT 18 switches to the RV park WiFi automatically.
I have made the RV park WifI priority 1 & was able to connect multiple devices to the CAT 18 access points.
I’ve had the unit since May, 2020 & have been very pleased with it. We bought a 2nd unit as a fallback to our office network when we lose our cable internet connection (hurricanes can do that to you.)
I believe this is the capability you outlined in your post.
I believe most of the Peplink vendors sell the Max Transit Cat 18 with a 1 years subscription to Primecare. As I understand it, the device will continue to work without it after the 1 year
Hope this helps.

That sounds exactly what I am looking for.
Do you have separate Access Points in your CAT-18 for 2.4GHz and 5Ghz or you have only one SSID that covers both?

Short answer to all questions is, YES.
I have one AP with SSID that covers both 2.4GHz & 5GHz, I have a guest SSID that covers only 2.4GHz with bandwidth limits & I have a separate SSIDs for 2.4GHz & 5Ghz.
The configuration possibilities with signal sources available from Ethernet, cellular or WiFi are really pretty
interesting & limited only by your imagination.
Do I need, or actively use, all of the above? NO, but, I’m trying to explore what works best to take advantage of what we have available at a given location.
Be aware, to my knowledge, this device has not yet been certified by Verizon. There are work a rounds & once activated on the Verizon network it works very well. I’ve activated two of them so far with Verizon & the process (my experience ) would best be described as very time consuming & frustrating. However, even with the crappy experience with Verizon, I love this unit & would have no problem recommending it.
Search CAT 18 certification on this forum for info on issue.
If it’s OK with the forum, I’ll give a plug for the vendor where I purchased mine. See if you can schedule a pre-sale consultation with them & let them know what you are trying to accomplish. They were more than helpful prior to & after the sale.

You have been of great help!
Sounds like exactly the product I need.
I am based in Europe I need to install the CAT-18 on a RV with one of these Antenna
I will do some research regarding the certification.

Thanks again!

Best to have separate APs for LAN AP if using Peplink AP for WiFi as WAN. Its cheap and easy. Why not do it?