Max hd4 mbx 5g:

Hi have set up my new 5G MAX HD4 MBX for the first time. I noticed that it´s not possible to select the carrier selection, LTE / 5G / 3G and band selection in the cellular settings.
Also the Carrier Aggregation does not work. The MBX uses only one frequency, also when I connect 2 x 5G antennas (in total 4 qma-connectors). Also the SNR is not shown.
Is there a menu hidden somewhere?



maybe @TK_Liew can help here if there is a hidden function in the MBX 5G.
SNR is very important to know, maybe tere is a special Firmware to fix it?

Same problem is in this post:

by the way 8.1.1 is installed on this device.


This was brought into our internal discussion and we are working on it.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi TK,

any news to that? We have to select the bands in Germany very often.


@dennis.hofheinz. we are still working on it.