5G/4G Band selection

Hi there, we now have several peplink 5G products in our fleet (MBX, Transit 5G, Balance 310x 5G, Balance 310 5G) but unfortunately, none of the firmware enables us to use band selection for 4G or 5G bands on the 5G modems. Is this on the feature list? It’s been an incredibly useful feature to date (For us anyway) and it’s stifling our ability to upgrade more equipment to 5G as in some areas we need to be selective about what bands are used.


Hi @AndrewD
We have the same issue and are actually having to downgrade most of the 5G MBX’s we have deployed to CAT18 as we are unable to make them perform even after extensive testing and troubleshooting.
CAT18 MBX - no problem to get 100Mbps+ per modem with most settings on auto and we can change carrier and bands if required.
Same location (exact same install, antennas etc) with a 5G MBX - 20Mbps (if we are lucky), unreliable, keeps failing back to 3G (1-2Mbps) and we have to reset the modems every few hours.
@Peplink when will we have a solution for this?
Beta 8.1.2 hasn’t helped.

Hi Harry, we went through extensive troubleshooting with peplink when we received our first batch of 5G MBX routers - they too had poor performance - most of the time wouldn’t even connect to a cell. Ultimately, the modems that the routers were shipped with were not compatible or just not fit for purpose so they were replaced with routers using the sierra wireless chipset which have been working flawlessly with great speed. Out of interest what modems do your MBX routers have in them? I’ll dig through my notes and work out which modem were the problem for us (We are in Australia)

Hi Andrew,

you’re right. This is a missing element
You can see another Post for that here Max hd4 mbx 5g: