MAX BR1 Pro 5G SIM injector support

According to the site, BR1 Pro 5G does not support SIM injector. Is there a plan to add SIM Injector suport in the near future? If yes, will it be supported from HW1 release? Thank you.


There is eSIM support for the BR1 Pro 5G. As it’s a single radio device, we don’t have SIM injector support for the current HW1 revision. Can you share with us why you would like to use SIM injector with the BR1 Pro 5G? Thanks.

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Alex, We would like this as well. The br1 pro 5g may be located in a upper cabinet on a bus, or on a tall pole with an enclosure or even on a boat. There are many reason it may not easily be accessible.
Covered here as well Peplink | Pepwave - Forum


I just bought a new X62 BR1 Pro 5G and a Mini SIM injector to be used in Synergy Mode with an older x55 BR1 Pro 5G. The Mini indicates that the BR1 Pro (HW 5/6, CAT-4 & CAT-6) is supported.

In trying to set this up, it appears that the brand new MAX BR1 Pro 5G x62 doesn’t support SIM injection? I don’t have room in my boat’s radar arch to fit a BR2 Pro but, can accommodate two of the BR1 Pro. Besides, two BR1 Pro’s provide redundancy, in case one fails (I had this happen 6 months ago with a BR1 Pro failure in Synergy Mode and would have been dead if a single BR2 failed).

I hope this is just a configuration issue because I’m dead in the water if this brand new hardware doesn’t support basic SIM injection.