Max BR1 Mini GPS Forwarding Issue


We bought a single BR1 Mini back in December to test out and had no issues with the GPS forwarding feature. Now we’ve purchased 43 more of them and it doesn’t appear to be working.

The Position/Velocity message in the TAIP data is required to be 1 for source of data and 2 for age of data, but all of these newer units are sending 0 for both values, while the original unit purchase did not. Any ideas?


Can you share what is the firmware version of the old and new BR1 Mini?


The older unit is on firmware 7.0.0 and the new one on 7.1.0 - I downgraded the new unit and it didn’t seem to make any difference. I’ve got one of the developers who works on our GPS system looking into it to see if there’s a way to ignore those 2 lines, but am still perplexed what could be causing the differences.


Please open ticket for us to take a closer look. We need your favor to provide the serial number and turn on Remote Assistance for the old and one of the new units.

Thank you.


Can you advise what fix was for this please?