MAX BR1 Mini Data overages

See link for essentially the exact scenario that I’m witnessing. To quickly summarize, there’s a few hundred MAX BR1 Mini’s out in the field. They’re all on a Verizon private network and should only be utilizing a few MBs of data each month. This is backed up by Verizon and the previous device before getting replaced with the BR1 Mini.

We’re now experiencing 2 to 3 times as much data burned, per device, across the board. I’ve taken the necessary steps listed in the previous post but with no luck. Any additional steps to take here in order to prevent the devices from adding unnecessary data totals to a Verizon bill?

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Disabling health check on the cellular connection then making sure InControl2 is set to low data mode is the path to lowest ‘system’ usage (monitoring and management).

What sort of unexpected levels of data usage are you seeing with those changes made?


That’s the unusual part; we had made those recommended changes to the customer. They made those adjustments and are still seeing unusually high data usage in comparison to past months.

I’m convinced at this point that their equipment is making additional requests to communicate with home base. I just wanted to reach out to the experts and see if there was something else I might have been missing.

Thanks for the reply Martin!

how much data exactly? you are saying a 2-3x a few MB? so you are saying they used 10MB of data in a month?

The customer reported going from 8-10MB to around 25-30MB per device per month. Normally I wouldn’t think much of it but they’re deploying roughly 400 and those costs do begin to add up.

If you disable everything, the InControl 2 base data usage calculator says you can get data usage down to 1.3MB a month and even less if you reduce the reporting interval on a single cellular device like the BR1 mini:

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