Max BR1 Mini Captive portal

I am looking for the correct way to setup a captive portal for our Max devices, Max br1 mini and Max transit.

I was looking at the local remote page for the br1 mini but didn’t understand how to configure it the way I need.

We are looking to setup an external splash page with open access requiring a button press to agree to the terms. I understand all that but the issues is we also have two devices connected to wifi that need to bypass the captive portal, they are headless.

Either we need to setup the captive portal on just an open public facing wifi or a vlan for our devices to bypass the captive portal? Problem is that I don’t see any of those settings.

How do I set this up?

Hello @twolf,
Have you had a look through these three articles/posts yet on how to setup your Captive Portal?

If you have more questions, please ask the community here in the forum.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus!
I read through the articles and have a bit more understanding of how it works. First thing is that I have to do it through InControl? I have an account with the devices setup but it’s a bit of a mess. The devices came from two different venders so two different organizations. Two devices are under a group that I have group admin rights, while the other six devices I must be view only? When we first got the devices I setup two SSIDs because we needed it up and running but this was before I was added to InControl, I did it locally through each device. It sounds like I first need to get my InControl account under control so that I have admin under all the devices. After that I should be able to get the menus so that I can setup the captive portal and vlan? All I am looking to do is setup a captive portal where a user has to agree to the terms, I don’t want to deal with logins and such yet.
Thanks Again.

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Hi i have about 1560 Pepwave Mini’s Im trying to understand better the Incontrol 2 software does any one know the defenition of Uptime is it siply the time to GPS has been contunualy running

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Hi Twolf:

Apologies on the delay here. You’re right that the most streamlined approach would be through InControl 2 (once you get things in one Org/account). That way you can push the config to all the units you want affected (SSID, VLAN and portal).

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I’m not sure this is the right place for this question - but the answer is, from Incontrol you have Uptime and Online time :
Uptime is the amount of time the device has been powered on (so the amount of time since the last reboot)
Online time is the amount of time the device has been connected to InControl

If you have a single WAN connection (cellular on a BR1 Mini, for instance), this could stop working for a period of time (data usage, mast issue, poor signal, etc) - this would cause the device to show as Off-Line. Once the connection is re-established, the device shows On-Line and the amount of time it has been on-line. However, if this event was not caused by a power cycle, then the uptime and online time will be different.

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Steve thanks