MAX BR1/2 cellular pointing mode


Hello Peplink and waves,I’d like to have a feature to see realtime what my signal strength is on the cellular WAN (for doing a fix installation).That would help in areas where the signal isn’t that great and you are using antennas to point to a tower. Right now it seemsthat the refresh rate of the RSSI / Ec/Io is lagging behind, a refresh button next to the indicator/numbers would work too.Thanks!D.

Point antenna utility for LTE devices


Current refresh interval for Signal Strength is 5 seconds. I think this should be sufficient for you to do the survey and installation.


I have to disagree. When you are pointing a directional antenna you don’t want to wait 5 sec before it shows you the results.
Would be nice to have a realtime view of whats going on. I agree with you when you use an omni directional antenna.

Also, I’d like to see more specs of my connection. i.e. cell id etc…
It would be nice to have something similar like the iPhone has, you can put it into field test mode and you have a variety of
information that might be useful for professionals.



Hi Dennis,

We will look into this. Target to shorten the refresh interval for Signal Strength to 1 second.


thank you, that will be helpful!



Any timetable on this, 1sec would be great? Incorporating a graph like most GSM App’s would be even better! :up:



We still working on this. Please stay tuned.

Thank You


Any progress on this, it’s been a year now?


The signal popup window refresh rate had been enhanced to 1 second start with firmware version 6.3.3.


Thanks, I didn’t see that in the release notes or catch it in use. Any plans to expand on it with maybe a real-time graph?


We have cellular reports in IC2 that can give you the cellular signal strength for period of times.

May i know it’s that sufficient for you ? Possible to let us know the use case for the real-time signal graph ?


No, it is not sufficient because it is not real-time and it is needed for mobile monitoring/aiming purposes. If you can’t get good single strength then you’ll never even be able to get to IC2. Real-time bandwidth in Status, but for signal strength (both cell and Wi-Fi) would be ideal. Something like his App is what I’m suggesting:

I’m working with a large corporation to incorporate Peplink products in to a new device and it will be critical for that application. Unfortunately that’s about all I can say about it…



Requested feature acknowledged and Engineering team will include the signal chart for WAN in the feature road-map.


Excellent and I think it will be very useful for many people.