Point antenna utility for LTE devices

We are installing a lot of units in fairly remote areas and are supplying external MIMO antennas in many cases. These are directional antennas.
I am requesting a simple utility to assist in pointing the antenna. This is very difficult to do right now because the signal strength/quality display on the peplink device or incontrol responds very slowly to changes. You move the antenna and it may take two or three minutes for the displayed signal strength to change.

What we need a a utility (probably buried on the support.cgi interface) that is a real time display of signal strength, along with any other information that can be displayed without delay (possibly tower identifier?)
Operating this display may consume a lot of CPU, but that is OK as it is rarely used and only when you have someone up there moving an antenna.
A very good example can be found on dish or directTV receivers. There is an “Antenna point” screen (image below)
Something like this would be great!


I am not sure if this is possible, but this will come in handy especially for our Maritime customers!

I hope Peplink will be able to setup a GUI like this!

I know its not the GUI you are looking for but Wilson cell amplifiers has an app that helps us locate the towers. also, a smart phone in “field test” mode really comes in handy for pointing.
we work on yachts and almost always have to deal with “where is the tower?”
ive found that Shakespeare makes a great Omni-directional antenna. also< the axis marine is a phenomenal antenna, however it is BIG.

but yes, I would agree an interactive GUI that helps tune the antenna would be a great tool


Similar request raised here:


High refresh rate with history graph would be very useful for all signal strengths, especially cellular but also wifi.

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