Make InControl2 WebUI usable on cell phone/mobile

InControl2 is a great tool, that I appreciate.

However, it is absolutely not possible to edit InControl2 firewall rules via mobile / cell phone using e.g. iOS 14 Safari browser.
Navigation in InControl2 works great, but the content pages are not caring for the display size of a mobile device / cell phone with limited display size using it and zooming is not possible (webui directly resizes back to oversize). E.g. on a iPhone 8+ the content is mostly only half visible and I need to slide right left to use the web ui as zooming is not possible, unfortunately.
Scrolling is not possible in many cases as it leads to resorting of the firewall rules (unintentionally).
I would really appreciate, if you could please improve this Web UI as I (and surely many other users) often need to use a cell phone/mobile to provide remote support during a business trip.
Thank you! Kind regards.