Location Analytics

Hi PepLink Team,

We’ve had a 3 requests come through in the period of 2 days (I’m assuming another vendor is doing some marketing around this feature) for Location Analyitcs. Tthe following link is some information of the Cisco Meraki offering of this feature: Location Analytics | Cisco Meraki.

What these customers all have in common is that they’re looking to track the amount of wifi enabled devices that do no connect to the AP’s, in order to get an idea of foot traffic in the region.

Is this something that is currently avaialble (that we have missed) or something on the roadmap?

Interesting feature :slight_smile:

We have API to supported Wi-Fi Location Analytics if you have any AP One or MAX devices.

Here is the way to enable this feature.

After you have enabled it, you can use our API to get the collected nearby Wi-Fi devices information in CSV format.

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