Latest firmware for PepMax BR1 LTE-US & TTL settings


I have MAX-BR1-LTE-US , and on the Pepwave firmware download page i see the only firmware for this model (Hardware revision 1) is 6.3.5 same as what I already have.

However I have read here on some threads some users were on 7.1.1 on the same MAX-BR1-LTE-US

Am i missing something, or has Pepwave changed something?

I specifically need the TTL setting for my ISP.

This is a thread 2 years ago:

Please assist.



Look like you have the old BR1 hardware revision 1 that only able to support up to firmware 6.3.5. Enforce TTL settings is not available for the old firmware.

Detail info you can check on the achieve firmware download link below base on the hardware revision:

You need to have a device with firmware 8.0.1 inorder to have the feature.

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