L2TP connection to ISP

I frequently require a L2TP connection to an ISP, as almost all of our ISP’s require a L2TP connection to them in order to make use of static IP addresses with DSL. Currently it is necessary to make use of a relatively expensive DSL router to do the authentication. The configuration can be greatly simplified if a standard DSL router can be used in bridge mode, and the Peplink performs the entire authentication and receives the static IP addresses.

My friend ,

this is a request we had so many times from the Peplink developer team. the ability to have PPTP/L2TP connection per WAN.

let’s hope comes on the new firmware …

Going to Russia next week and hoped to deploy few sites with Peplink but Unfortunately WAN connection type in all new locations is L2TP.

Is it coming any time soon?


This is on our roadmap, we will provide the schedule soon.

Noel, Ping!!! :slight_smile:

We are working on the L2TP development, the first beta firmware would be available 2 weeks later.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:

nice! but it sounds like it will be in 6.1.3? not on this 6.1.2 GA?

It will be 6.1.2s special build. Please let us know what model you will be needed this initially.

yey can’t wait :slight_smile:

May I know which ISP in your country offers L2TP WAN connection?
Would you mind to share us some sample configurations from ISP?
The beta firmware will release on mid-August.


here some examples



more here:

Thanks for sharing! We are studying your provided case.

very common with GPON networks which is a lot and taking place instead of DSL.

Currently in 90% cases I have choice between providers to select between DSL with PPPoE and slow and same price and faster connection GPON with L2TP from 2-3 different providers in same location.

Choice is obvious - GPON with L2TP but here is my bump L2TP is not supported by Peplink :frowning:

Add me to the list for needing my Balance 20 to route traffic over L2TP VPN.

I would like to open up my network for anyone to use but at the same time try and keep things secure and also minimize my ISP coming after me if someone does something while on my network. Here is what I would be using this for and how I would like it to work.

My peplink balance 20 has two devices connected to its LAN ports.
Peplink LAN Port 1 goes to WAN port of Wireless Router#1
Peplink LAN Port 2 goes to WAN port of wireless Router#2

This provides me with two seperate networks that cannot interact with each other.
Wireless Router #1 is broadcasting an Open WIFI SSID that anyone can connect to and use. (Device Isolation enabled)
Since Wireless Router #1 has an open wifi network for anyone to use, I would like peplink router to send all of its traffic over an anonymous L2TP VPN service.

Wireless Router #2 has all of my trusted wireless and wired devices and peplink should send all of its traffic out over the WAN without going through the L2TP VPN.

Please stay tuned, you will definitely being notified once the special firmware available.

This is first beta firmware of L2TP WAN trial support on MAX BR1:
Any feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you Noel. Any idea when this will be included in a Balance beta firmware?

We are preparing the L2TP beta firmware for Balance, may I know what model you will be needed this initially?