L2TP connection to ISP

Balance 30, 380 or 580.

balance one

L2TP WAN connection support on Balance One:
Any feedback is welcome~

L2TP WAN connection support on Balance 380/390/580/700/710/1350:
Any feedback is welcome~

Hi. Any plans to also support L2TP WAN on Max ONTG?

(In the process of choosing router brand toward first purchase. Like ONTG but hesitating due to no L2TP support…)


Would be a nice feature on the SOHO, too.

The L2TP WAN support will be included in coming 6.2.0 GA firmware, it will also available for MAX OTG and SOHO.

Lets join our beta test, any feedback is appreciated

Special firmware for MAX OTG / SOHO L2TP WAN testing:

Noel, that’s excellent. I will purchase the Max OTG and start testing the demo firmware.

In the meantime, I would like to clarify what exactly I am looking for in L2TP functionality, and ask you if this is included in your development of it.

My use case is not that of using L2TP to connect to an ISP where that is the required type of WAN connection.

What I am looking for is Lan-to-Lan L2PT over IPSEC tunneling capability over the internet between two local networks. Essentially, to join/extend the two into one Lan. My scenario is perfectly described in Example and Figure #2 in this article on L2TP: http://www.networkworld.com/article/2163334/tech-primers/what-can-l2tp-do-for-your-network-.html

Both the ISP WAN connection ability (referred to earlier in this thread as “L2TP/Russia L2TP”) and the L2TP Tunneling capabilities are offered and beautifully presented in TP-Link’s brand new wireless TL-ER604W_V1 router. See user guide TL-ER604W | SafeStream Wireless N Gigabit Broadband VPN Router | TP-Link

Please note that they discuss the L2TP WAN ISP capability starting on page 11, under item (no mention of IPSEC). Then separately, they discuss the L2TP over IPSEC tunneling modes on Page 101, under item As you can see, they cover the full set of possibilities (Lan-to-Lan/Lan-to-client, server/client etc).

I’ll see in your beta firmware as soon as I receive my Max OTG, but this is the implementation of L2TP over IPSEC that I’m very much hoping will be included.

Finally, a bit about my setup: Mac OS X Server Yosemite (with L2TP over IPSEC LNS capability) to serve several geographically dispersed mobile branch offices with 10-25 users each. Each branch office would have one MAX OTG that would automatically initiate and maintain the VPN link to the Mac server.

Cisco IPSEC could be used, but L2TP over IPSEC would be so much easier to set up and allow me to simply use the Mac’s built in capability (ie. no need for separate hardware router for site-to-site IPSEC).

I look forward to your reply, Noel.


This beta firmware is going to support L2TP WAN connection to ISP.

MAX OTG supports IPsec VPN, or may be you can consider to use our SpeedFusion to enjoy the bonding.

Any plans to allow the SOHO to support connecting to an IPSec VPN server as a client?


We only support gateway to gateway IPSec VPN. Please consider Balance One if you need IPSec VPN.