Is it possible to add GPZDA information


Currently we are trying to read out GPS data from a PLC this is working however we need also the GPZDA data from the Peplink. Is it possible to add this information in the next Firmware release ?

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Dominique den Hartog


Hello @DomiDuD,
We have moved your post over to the feature requests for you.

Can you share more on your use case and how this would help and the potential you see in this helping others? The more information you supply, the more momentum your feature request is likely to have.

Note that @gilbara has made a similar request at Forwarding GPS information to External IP Address - #6 by gilbara and that @Keyrock is also looking at PLC requirements here Read GPS of modem into a PLC and these could be related.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus

This value is indeed needed for a PLC, as this is known information is will great when the Peplink is able to provide this string as well.

UTC day, month, and year, and local time zone offset

An example of the ZDA message string is:


ZDA message fields

Field Meaning
0 Message ID $GPZDA
2 Day, ranging between 01 and 31
3 Month, ranging between 01 and 12
4 Year
5 Local time zone offset from GMT, ranging from 00 through ±13 hours
6 Local time zone offset from GMT, ranging from 00 through 59 minutes
7 The checksum data, always begins with *



Alternatively one could use the recent Peplink firmware that has an NTP LAN service built in to get correct time information, but ofcourse it would be way more elegant to use GPZDA for it.

Thanks Marcus, it would be great to see this implemented.

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