Read GPS of modem into a PLC

Hello. I have a BR1 Mini which connects PLC based meters to our scada. The scada interrogates the meter through the Pepwave modem however I would also like for the PLC to poll the modem for its GPS location so it can pass it to the scada when it reports.

Any hints on a way to make this work?


Look at this How to read GPS position direct from LAN using Python

its python but you could port the code to anything really.

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Thanks for posting. Looks interesting but I don’t know enough about PLCs to know if it’s applicable. Everything on the PLC is modbus as far as I know but I would need to talk to my PLC guy to know if he can run Python.

No - python code is just an example. Ask him if you can open a raw TCP socket to then read the GPS NEMA sentences.