IPsec VPN disconnects and requires reboot to connect


This is on a Peplink Balance 380 FW: 7.1.1 build 2460

Repeatedly (3 times in a row), when the upstream WAN disconnects (ATT dsl), the IPSec VPN disconnects (event log says so), and then the dashboard shows connecting forever (waited 7 days before rebooting).

Anyone else seen this?
Other posts suggest that reboot is the only way out currently.
Deactivating and re-activating the IPsec VPN profile also fixes the issue.


Please submit ticket for us to take a closer look. Please help to enable Remote Assistance on the Balance 380 too.



I just now deactivated/reactivated the IPsec VPN profile and turned off remote assistance.
I did grab a diagnostic logs prior to fixing the issue.

Submitted ticket, and attached dig report.


Please help to turn on the Remote Assistance. We need to access the device to do checking.



Nov 09 09:47:52 Admin: Remote web admin initiated from InControl 2 by ...


This log is showing you are accessing the device via InControl2’s Remote Web Admin, not Remote Assistance. Please find the screenshot below to enable Remote Assistance. We still not able to access your device.