Introducing the SpeedFusion Connect Protect!

Introducing SpeedFusion Connect Protect

SpeedFusion Connect Protect (formerly known as SpeedFusion Cloud) is our global network of SpeedFusion nodes. It enables compatible Peplink devices to use SpeedFusion technologies without needing a second endpoint.

Watch our SpeedFusion Connect Protect video series to explore how you can incorporate the service into your solution today!

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All compatible devices with a valid Care plan will now include SpeedFusion Connect Protect allowance. So how do I activate it?

This data will automatically begin and end in accordance with your warranty. No activation is required.

For the full details on SFC Protect allowance, see below:

Or you may go to our new e-store to get SpeedFusion Connect Protect now. Buy Now

For help activating SpeedFusion Connect Protect:

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For help setting up SpeedFusion Connect Protect:

Watch Walkthrough

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I hear a feedback on SpeedFusion Cloud as below. What do you think?

Will you ever support static SpeedFusion Cloud WAN IP-addresses for inbound traffic, so traffic can be routed back over multiple links without needing to worry about individual link failure? Imagine you have a webserver on your internal DMZ and wish to do inbound hot failover.



where can I see how much of the booked bandwidth from the cloud has already been used? Can I set up a notification by email about this?


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Hi Dennis - we will integrate some events into IC2 so you can be alerted when any router is close/over to the limit or expiration date.

“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud exceeded usage limit”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud license expired”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud remaining bandwidth allowance is less than 10GB”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud license will expire in 7 days”

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I’m trying to add my Balance 210 HW3 FW 8.1.1 but on the portal it says that the serial is invalid.

Could you help me out of kindness?

Hello @comercial1,
Your best option is to raise a Peplink Support ticket then post your ticket number back here into the forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Just saw the Speedfusion Connect email… any details? What providers are included? Both LTE and 5G included? Can it be used in dual modem devices with diverse providers simultaneously?

go here:

make sure the speedfusion connect button is highlighted.
Scroll down and you will see answers to your questions.
The service will allow whatever the tower/cellular device is capability of with regards to LTE/5g.
I don’t know about the diverse providers simutaneously.

The service is only supported on the devices listed SpeedFusion Services Supported Models. These models have esim to support this model.

Thanks but I saw that before I posted here (I followed the link “Still need help? Submit your question to our Forum here.”)

My questions remain: what carriers? What technologies? VZW? ATT? TM? 4G/LTE? 5G?

Under: Q3
Which countries support SpeedFusion Connect?
Refer to this list link takes you here:

Search country type USA, or whatever country you want to search.
For USA the result is Verizon, AT&T, Tmobile

I have personally used and both LTE and 5g works.

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Cool, see it now, thanks! My remaining question is how does the device handle switching between them? Do you manually have to pick one and stick with it? Is it automated? Will this work with any dual modem devices?

What was shared in the business webinar was that the speed fusion cloud picks the carrier automatically based on the best signal.
There was no comment about anything differently happening if there were a device with more then one modem in it.

There are cases where one carrier might have the best signal but little-to-no bandwidth. Hmm

True. Having the best signal doesn’t mean there is good bandwidth. We can apply health check on upper layer protocols to determine what’s a better connection.

Can you please elaborate? What does “upper layer protocol” health check mean exactly?

@mystery: Yup. An example of that situation would be a case where the signal metrics are excellent but the back-haul is saturated or otherwise degraded.

As we prepare to launch Firmware 8.2.1, SpeedFusion Cloud and SpeedFusion Connect will undergo a name change, introducing SpeedFusion Connect Services.

Terminology preceding Firmware 8.2.1 Terminology for Firmware 8.2.1 onwards
SpeedFusion Cloud (Data Plans) SpeedFusion Connect
SpeedFusion Connect (Data Plans) SpeedFusion Connect LTE
SpeedFusion Cloud Relay Peplink Relay