Introducing the SpeedFusion Cloud!

Introducing SpeedFusion Cloud

SpeedFusion Cloud is our global network of SpeedFusion nodes. It enables compatible Peplink devices to use SpeedFusion technologies without needing a second end point.

Watch our SpeedFusion Cloud video series to explore how you can incorporate the service into your solution today!

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All compatible devices with a valid Care plan will now include SpeedFusion Cloud allowance. So how do I activate it?

This data will automatically begin and end in accordance with your warranty. No activation is required.

For the full details on SFC allowance, see below:

Or you may go to our new e-store to get SpeedFusion Cloud now. Buy Now

For help activating SpeedFusion Cloud:

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For help setting up SpeedFusion Cloud:

Watch Walkthrough

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I hear a feedback on SpeedFusion Cloud as below. What do you think?

Will you ever support static SpeedFusion Cloud WAN IP-addresses for inbound traffic, so traffic can be routed back over multiple links without needing to worry about individual link failure? Imagine you have a webserver on your internal DMZ and wish to do inbound hot failover.



where can I see how much of the booked bandwidth from the cloud has already been used? Can I set up a notification by email about this?


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Hi Dennis - we will integrate some events into IC2 so you can be alerted when any router is close/over to the limit or expiration date.

“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud exceeded usage limit”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud license expired”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud remaining bandwidth allowance is less than 10GB”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud license will expire in 7 days”

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I’m trying to add my Balance 210 HW3 FW 8.1.1 but on the portal it says that the serial is invalid.

Could you help me out of kindness?

Hello @comercial1,
Your best option is to raise a Peplink Support ticket then post your ticket number back here into the forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: