Introducing the SpeedFusion Cloud!

Introducing the SpeedFusion Cloud!

We have prepared a series of videos to explain Why you need SpeedFusion Cloud .

In our first video, we explore how Hot Failover is incorporated into our SpeedFusion technology. In the event of a WAN disconnection, you will be directed to another connection while maintaining your session.

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How to set up your SpeedFusion Cloud?

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I hear a feedback on SpeedFusion Cloud as below. What do you think?

Will you ever support static SpeedFusion Cloud WAN IP-addresses for inbound traffic, so traffic can be routed back over multiple links without needing to worry about individual link failure? Imagine you have a webserver on your internal DMZ and wish to do inbound hot failover.



where can I see how much of the booked bandwidth from the cloud has already been used? Can I set up a notification by email about this?


Hi Dennis - we will integrate some events into IC2 so you can be alerted when any router is close/over to the limit or expiration date.

“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud exceeded usage limit”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud license expired”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud remaining bandwidth allowance is less than 10GB”
“SpeedFusion: SpeedFusion Cloud license will expire in 7 days”