Introducing the HD2 Dome and SIM Injector!



Here are some specs on the antenna gain:

694-960MHz - 0.18 - 2.96 dBi
1710-2600MHz - 2.4 - 6.37 dBi

The pattern is an omni, but I don’t have any specific radiation graphs at the moment.

You can also see a picture of the 4 LTE antennas with the GPS antenna in the middle here:





Does the SIM Injector currently support any other products besides the HD2 Dome?


And does the SIM injector come with a 56 volt power supply?


Hello @clinder,
The SIM Injector can also be used with the:

  • IP67 HD2 LTEA
  • IP67 HD4 LTEA

We know of other models and ranges currently undergoing development and testing, the Peplink/Pepwave range continues to evolve so as time progresses you will see the current models changed over to the newer chip sets that are able to support the SIM Injector technology.

You can read more on the IP67 HD2 & HD4 on the Peplink website.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Tavis,

Would it be possible to make antennas for the one radio modul 450MHz?


Let me check on this with the hardware team and see if 450MHz is possible.