Introducing the Balance Two!

1Gbps Throughput, Under $1000@
With 2x GE WAN, 4x GE LAN, and a WLAN controller.

@ Pricing applies to US region only, other regions may vary.

Intelligent Traffic Steering
Automatically identifies packets by their application.

Fits Seamlessly in Any Office
The fanless design keeps the Balance Two whisper-quiet.

Scalable, Centralized Management
Use InControl to make your deployment scalable.

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Does the Balance 2 also have wireless modem capacity as a fallback WAN?

Do you mean USB WAN ?

If yes, it’s supported.

Where does this fit into the line up? Is it an updated balance 20/30 replacement, without the external WiFi / sim card stuff of the pro 30?


Please check the video recorded for the Webinar and that will explain your line up question for Balance Two.

Yeah, I am also curious…and frankly disappointed.

Half the LAN ports, more than twice the cost, no ground screw, and another small (perhaps plastic) case without rack brackets. For what? An upgrade to 1Gbps performance that is way overdue? No argument, it’s a big boost in PepVPN performance…but that’s a feature some of us just don’t use.

If this is the answer to “what will the B One upgrade look like”, I’m out. There is no way I am dropping $1K a pop on these…plus the cost and hassle of adding a managed switch to deal with the fewer LAN ports.

Probably a very dumb question… but just to confirm, this would be a good option for speedfusion bonding two 100mbps lines?

It would be, but you’d need the extra SpeedFusion license with this model to achieve that.

We received our first yesterday and the Performance is on point and actually higher than promised. Pure WAN-LAN/LAN-WAN I get 932Mbps. CPU load doesn’t pass over 40-50% during this load and it’s like a stable line. The limitation might be our connection or infrastructure, I tested this behind a Balance 1350 which gets the same WAN-LAN/LAN-WAN performance. The physical interfaces are 1Gbps of course, so you won’t get the full Gbps througput.

The next test surprised me more. PepVPN with a FusionHub Solo in our datacentre. 500Mbps down and 350Mbps up. CPU load still lower than 60% under full load. So that is a “bit” faster than advertised.

FW options look to be the same as B210/B310, so that’s a big plus over the One, which has many limited features. And the box is a lot higher quality and actually mountable, unlike the One.

The device feels solid with metal case. There are no rackmount ears included, but they will be available soon. Wall mounting holes are on the bottom for 4 ways of mounting.

Would have been nice to have a PrimeCare model of this one, not yet announced sadly.


Can you backup the Balance One Settings and restore to a Balance Two?

Hi @BeachComber1, the hardware platforms are different so there is no easy way to convert this. Do you have a bunch of them that need converting? Thanks

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