Introducing Social Wi-Fi Hotspot Support!


Check this one, it will be help you all about…hostspot



i have a medium scale deployment in our establishment (hotel). 1 gateway, about 200-250 APs; single ssid… im interested in the social wifi portal. do you have a hardware (im thinking a gateway) that can support multi WAN, and deploy captive portal social wifi login to that specific SSID without the need to change all access points? if so, what device do you recommend

users are averaging to around 300-1000 users daily. QOS/Bandwith monitoring and limiting is welcome option (either by hours or by data volume). but for now, free wifi is the demand of the guests. so might as well maximize what we give by making them login via their social media and increase our social media awareness.



As of our recent update, social Wi-Fi via our InControl2 is now supported on Peplink Balance as well.
This means that you can configure captive portal via our InControl2 and provision it to our Balance router, which in your case, is your gateway.
That should be able to achieve what you’re looking for (Multi-WAN, captive portal of specific SSID based on VLAN, and QoS/Bandwidth).

Below is a comparison of our Balance models, let me know if you require assistance on sizing.

Some key areas to look out for will be number of WAN interfaces, total bandwidth of all WANs and concurrent users for starters.


thank you for that insightful reply.

i was looking at the peplink balance one. i may use around 2 to 5 wan depending on thr requirements, but what concerns me are the concurrent users. as i said, on high occupancies, we average around 500 but its not impossible that it would even reach 1000 because users now connect an average of 3 device per person, unless there is a way to limit their connected devices or limit each device to 1hr a day… or something to that extent.

what would you recommend?



By looking at the number of connected devices, Balance One is definitely under spec. Please further check the detail spec as given previously ( You need to go through each of the product spec in-order to decide the suitable model. Possible please contact Peplink local partner and they can advice your further for the suitable model.

Regarding to your question for the usage control, captive portal can limit the daily quota base on bandwidth usage or time base or both together.

Thank you


Does this support a mesh system yet? Any future hopes to? WAN interfaces through my AP network creates a difficulty when it comes to wiring through my old walls. Using at the minute but they are not up to spec as much as pep.