Introducing Social Wi-Fi Hotspot Support!


The issue 2 has been fixed.


Currently, only in quest mode an import of users (in form username : password) is supported. Please consider add this import from CSV for token method, with bandwith restriction options that would be similar to quest mode.


Thanks for your suggestion. We will add the support of CSV upload of token code and time quota when we revamp the captive portal system in the future.


This is good to hear! When this modification will really happen?


It shall be available in Q1 next year.


yes… you have to buy a yearly subscritoon


Is there a way to require a facebook check in in order to access wifi?



Please find the screen shot below.


Hello ALL ,
i just installed 2 of MAX BR1’s on my buses and my clients can connect via Facebook or e-mails. and now i have few questions:
1- is it possible to give access to internet only to those who press LIKE on my Facebook page? (not connect with Facebook only)
2- we work with Russian lingual speakers and the majority of Russian population still work with Russian Social Networks ( and ) - can i edit Sina Weibo and instead use Social Network that i need?
3- Can i add another field in connection via E-Mail ? i want “Telephone” Field + can it be confirmed with SMS as WhatsApp does it today?
4- Can you translate interface to Russian? if you can, provide me with PO file and i have enough manpower to do it .

Thank you

  1. Sorry no. Facebook does not allow developers to do “like-gating”. (See item 4.5 of the developer policy (

  2. It is not simple to support a new social network. Each social network has their own API and behavior. Peplink has to study each one and do an integration. It may not even technically feasible to integrate some social networks.

  3. We are working on signing in with a phone number. An SMS will be sent for verifying the number. Stay tuned.

  4. We don’t speak Russian yet. :slight_smile: But we are delighted to provide Russian interface for the captive portal if you could contribute. All you need to do is, first, enable all captive portal access modes. Second, click into Preview and Customization screen and translate all the texts. When you finished, PM me the InControl URL as well as the SSID. Then we will make your translations available to all Russian users.



i installed this on our buses and all good and working, but now i need to access data but i can’t find how to do it.
i need all clients who used my wi-fi , i can see them inside InControl2 separately but i want to download csv file. can it be done ?

Thank you


If you enabled any Social access modes, you can just navigate to device or group level Reports menu > Captive Portal Reports > Social User List to view and download the user’s information. Under Reports > Wi-Fi Reports, you can also download a Top Clients list in CSV file format.


Hello Michael ,
i found it Thank you !!!

is there any way to “force” my clients to Like my page on Facebook and only then they could browse the internet ?

Thank you


Glad to hear that.

Sorry, no. See my answer on 11-25-2015 below.


Under the social WIFI,

Pepwave device I understand there’s a feature called token. Can that feature generates for a multiple device under a group or only for one device ?


The generated tokens can be used by all devices under the same group.


Thanks. My customer is opening a cafe franchise. So some customer tends to buy 1 drink and sit whole day. 1st upon signing in to the wifi, we set 2 hours. So after 2 hours that device will be blocked. In order to continue to use the WIFI service, my customer want them to buy a new drink and get a new token for it.

What is the best way to handle these kind of situation?



Hi Ken,

We can limit the quota limit for Token to a day at the moment. Anyway, we will enhance it in future to allow to limit to hourly based.


I’m using the facebook wifi hotspot. Unfortunately a lot of people are not entering. Is it also possible to just let them like our business page?


The “Like” button only be available after the Signed-in. Else you will not know which Facebook’s user liked your business page.

Hope this clear your doubts.