Introducing Social Wi-Fi Hotspot Support!


We are proud to introduce Social Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality! Guests can now
access your Wi-Fi hotspot with their Facebook login (more platforms coming
soon). In exchange, you can get insightful reports on your customer base.

Social Wi-Fi is powered by MAX Firmware 6.2.1 and AP Firmware 3.5.2.
Get them from our beta download page](

Head over to our new Social Wi-Fi Hotspot page to learn more.


P.S.: If you’d like some installation instructions, here’s a quick walkthrough

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This is great !

But still a bit buggy :wink:

Join in beta testers, this looks really really awesome.

Hi Pierre, thanks! Please share with us what the problem did you see. :slight_smile:

I already did, a ticket is open :wink:

And by the way, the token generating feature is also supee great.

The step by step process for setting this up is acting up on my end and I dk why.

  • I have a balance One with the beta firmware 6.2.1
  • InControl2 managment is checked
  • SSID is enabled
  • Security Settings are what I want them to be and Layer 2 isolation is turned on even though i didn’t check it.
  • VLAN ID is 20 which is the subnet I set up just for WIFI in the Balance One
  • I have my companies facebook Page ID # plugged in which I triple checked

All of the sudden I just keep getting kicked out of InControl2 and when I try and sign onto the WIFI for facebook nothing pops up. All it asks me for is the actual password I made and then im connected like I normally would be connected. I don’t know what im missing.

Currently InControl 2 only applies the captive portal to the untagged LAN. Captive portal support on tagged VLAN will be available by the end of this week. When it is available, we will update here.

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Does the device have to be on warranty for this to work ? On a MAX BR1 I dont have this option on my incontrol2 account.



First your devices have to be upgraded to the latest firmware and appeared online on IC2 at least once. IC2 will show the captive portal option when it sees at least one device is with the latest firmware. Second, a device can appear online only if the device is in warranty. Even you see the option but a device is offline, IC2 is unable to push the captive portal settings to the device.

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How can we get the list of emails/first names and last names used to login when in email address captive portal mode? I have seen it for Facebook login but not for email login.


You can download it from Reports > Captive Portal Reports > Collected E-mail Addresses. The section is displayed when there is at least one e-mail address collected.

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Ok thanks, it works.

I have another question, do you know if the access granted is shared accross all AP under this captive portal rule? If a user does an email login and changes of position, he might be connected on a different AP connected to a different main router.

The sign-in session is applied to all APs applied with the same SSID. So when a client roamed to another AP, they will not need to sign in again.

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Ok, thanks.

Continuing on our analysis, we can find clients personal details but not their corresponding mac address, device name, ip assigned and time of connect disconnect. Is this something that we can configure?

If you want to search for a particular user’s connection details, there is no simple way yet. We are going to add a Client Devices column to the Social User List in the next major release. You will see all client devices each user used to sign-in in the last 90 days. It will be available in August.

For now, you may do the following steps. First download the social user list in CSV format and identify your target user’s User ID and E-mail address from the file. Then go to the group level Event Log page and search for the User ID or E-mail address. You will find the user’s Facebook sign-in events. Client device(s) are shown. Click on a name to go to its Client Details page. MAC address is shown. Then click the Event Log link to filter all events of the client device. IP and connect/disconnect events are shown.

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Is there any way to apply some bandwidth restriction policy when using token-based login option? We need to introduce bandwidth (GB) or time based limit (in hours) and use tokens simultaneously. And, for token generation function, please consider a delayed validity option - meaning that when generating some amount of tokens we could specify when this batch comes into active status.

Bandwidth quota is currently not available for token mode. But we will add it in a later release. Does the following design make sense to you?

   Quota       [Not limited  [v]]
               |Time based      |
               |Bandwidth based |
<when "Time based" is selected>
               [2__] days after the first sign-in
<when "Bandwidth based" is selected>
               [1___] [GB[v]]
                      |MB   |
               Valid from   (*) now   ( ) [Date picker here]
               Valid until  (*) indefinitely  ( ) [Date picker here]

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Yes, this covers pretty much our idea. Just small question- can you change Time based option value to hrs instead of days and set it at least 6 hrs granularity, so minimum would then 6 hrs instead of 1day?

OK, we will update the specification accordingly.

<when "Time based" is selected>
               [2__] [days [v]] after the first sign-in
                     |hours   |

i have 2 question.

  1. Can i hide “Powered by Peplink” in splash screen footer of Social Captive Portal?
  2. How i can fix facebook “like” button ? When i click on like button not show correctly. [see screenshot]

Answer to your questions:

  1. Sorry, you cannot hide it.
  2. Thank for your report. We are working on a fix. The fix will be applied as soon as it is available.
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