Introducing Pepxim, the TA App, and the Smart Reader!

A New Brand For IoT
We are proud to introduce Pepxim. This stands for Peplink eXtended to Internet Machines. Each Pepxim product will either simplify management and installation of IoT products, or solve a business problem using IoT technology.

Smart Reader and Time & Attendance App
Pepxim’s first offering simplifies attendance management and access control with a suite of two products that work together.

  • Smart Reader: Reads NFC cards and uploads attendance information to the Time and Attendance System where it can be reviewed via reports and used to calculate payroll.
  • Time and Attendance System: Centralized attendance management system, available on web browsers and as a mobile app. Enables employees to perform self-service, saving administrative costs. Can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud.

Check out the website and see how Pepxim’s Time and Attendance System can simplify your attendance management.

See Webpage Preview


How is Pepxim pronounced?
I have “Pep zim” in my head?


Very happy to this launched. can employees use the NFC on the smart phones instead of NFC cards?

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@Hootan_Rastkar Yes, NFC chips on smartphones can be used in combination with the PepxIm Smart Readers.

update: although the smartphone NFC for Smart reader Access works on some Android phones, it won’t and can’t be officially supported for the following reasons:

1: There are many different NFC chips in Android phones, some of them are designed for payment options only and are not compatible with Smart Reader access.
2: iPhone NFC chips are not compatible with the Smart Reader.
3: Small changes on the NFC settings on Android phones that have compatible NFC chips will make these NFC chips incompatible with the Smart Reader.

Apologies for not sharing the full information about Smartphones support for the Smart Readers in the first place.



Is it possible to customize display?
And is it possible to configure language on display to show it in Spanish?

We are thinking about how can we use it… maybe we can connect it via API throught other products we are working.

thanks in advance!

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Hello, can I use this with:
MAX-TST-DUO-US Hardware Revision 1

Is it available for purchase now?

This is a good start… It would be great to have a door station with camera and VoiP so we can offer more complete solutions for access and attendance.

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Hi Team, since this is a brand new unit, I assume there is a specific couple of Peplink contacts who know it inside and out. Who should we reach out to for support? This is a hot inquiry…

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Is the Pepxim compatible with some sort of homeworking system?
Is it also possible to declare that we start working when we do work remotely?
Or does it only allow physical badging?

Can you share the Pepxim presentation that was running in the hallways of the partner event?



Any update to this? Also very interested in more support help.

Are there any live installs or case studies we can reference for the Pepxim and Smart Reader?

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A few ideas to make Pepxim terminals more useful:
->One or two user defined hardware or software buttons, two ring a bell or give another alarm.
->Video Camera and VoiP module
->Loudspeaker to present voice messages like: Your card is not enabled to open this door. Contact phone number to …

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We have “Manual attendance” feature that allow the staff to delcare their In-Out time which requires admin to approve, which indirectly allow you to track remote work. But this may not be perfect in your case. Free feel to share how you think is good to your use case.


hello Guys, where can we get user guide/manual for pepxim smart reader? thanks

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We still finalizing the documentation.
I had PM your the some of the document hope it will help.


This page… I with J, Q, X | Chinese Pronunciation | ChinesePod
…would suggest “Pepseem”


Is there any user guide available?


@hcardenas, I PM you the draft user guide.

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I appreciate it TK!!

Are some of them IP67 or equivalent for outdoor use?
The small units can be quite easily broken down if they are outside and intruders have direct access to the cables.

I didnt find them on the store to get the pricing :confused: