Interconnect 3 LANS with PepLink router

Hello i have been given a side project while i am studding my Masters, i am not graded on it but i really want to do it for my portfolio.

The project is for Sun Seeker as they want to create a design the can be used on all there yachts “sounds like i should be paid, but im not :frowning:” And this is my first ever networking project, why they choose me I don’t know. Either way it is a massive responsibility and i must do a presentation about it.

They are fixed on the design using a Peplink router, a switch layer 2 or 3, and a wifi transmitter. I just need to say how they should best be interconnected and how, I assume a VLAN setup. Maybe as its such a investment for peplink i could get some direct help from there support but for now i ask you the members what you think of this, i have looked at the peplink demo config page and it seems to support VLAN and remote access, i just need to know if its going to be straight forward and if i can make it more robust, I have CCNA 1-2 and CCNP 1-2 but this is not Cisco gear with no CLI just a GUI so assume it should be easy ??

here is what they told me:

The yachts they manufacture currently have three separate LANS :

  • Yacht Power, water, engine and emergency systems based on a Wago industrial control system using an industrial screen controller interface.
  • Navigation system SIMRAD
  • Entertainment system Sonos / Smart TV this connects to Wifi or Lte using a Pepwave router

They are all interconnected by ethernet with separate IP addressing schemes

The IP address scheme for the "they left this blank :frowning: "

The Aim of the project is to interconnect all three Systems to fulfil future requirements of :

  • Remote monitoring and upgrade of Control systems
  • Using SIMRAD front end as a user control screen with HTML5 application

I have loads of pictures they gave me on the prototypes but i would have to upload them to the cloud…

Hi Edwin,

think sounds like a cool project and Peplink is the right vendor to do all of this.
You should contact a Peplink Dealer in your location. Where are you from?


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Hi Edwin

We are currently working with a few yacht management companies to standardise their fleets (including some Sunseekers) with Peplink/Pepwave equipment.

Our main objective is to give them a solution which can be customised depending on the connectivity needs of each vessel but still retain a single manufacture and interface. The remote monitoring in InControl2 is on of the massive selling points!

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Indeed i shall contact Peplink directly as i have no direct access to the gear as of yet and i need to understand the most secure way i can interconnect them i.e. the protocols and topology, is the setup simple or do i need to start reading a manual like Cisco stuff?. It is nice to know that Sunseeker has contacted you directly so i have some weight behind me, To be honest i am quite nervous. What should i do, just ring peplink? I live in Portsmouth and my presentation is in 60 days in there head quarters in Poole. :fearful:

So you are in UK? There are some good Peplink Partners. Contact one of them. I’m sure they’ll help you.
And no, you don’t need to learn anything new. Peplink is much easier than Cisco. The ccna helps you to understand.

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Hi @Edwin I will help you with this. There is nothing I enjoy more than explaining and writing about how Peplink technologies can fit into existing environments, and as a Peplink’s Former Solution Architect, based in the UK (and a Yachmaster myself) I know a thing or two about the best way to approach connectivity and boats of all sizes.

Take a look at my post here as a starting point Using Peplink Devices for Marine Deployments

Will happily work on this with you and help put together a presentation that makes you look good :wink:


Hello sorry MartinLangmaid, i did not realize that i had received new posts, i was starting to lose hope. I have made some minor progress but if you are happy to help me i would love the help.

As i said prior;

The Aim of the project is to interconnect all three Systems to fulfil future requirements of :

  • Remote monitoring and upgrade of Control systems
  • Using SIMRAD front end as a user control screen with HTML5 application

here is a pic i have and the devices used.
1.NEP-2 Ethernet Switch.
2.EVO-2 Processer.
3.Pepwave AP one mini.
4.Peplink balance one.
5.Pepwave BR1 dual LTE.
6.Generic 8 port ethernet switch.

I assume i use the configuration portal and all i have access to is the demo page

So far i have guessed that i go into the LAN tab - Network settings and configured a Vlan for each device and implemented intervlan for the accommodation / guests so the staff can control it from else where. And i need to apply an access list so guests cant access the engine room or helm, along with remote access so tech support can update the stuff and acces shelm or view engine status. some of the devices can only be configured by DHCP so i enabled it for accommodation for the smart tv and sonos and their phones,