Balance one, AP point one and BR1 interconnection security

Hello i am new to Peplink equipment and i have been given an important project for a large company but again i have never used any networking gear except Cisco stuff with manual CLI configuration.

Any how i really really would love any help and support trying to meet the first requirements being security interconnect the three LAN’s, and remote access to update equipment within the network.

It is for boats so they only have a SIM LTE connection, can anyone help me on where to get started, please. what should i implement to connect each LAN so they are secure but can communicate with one another but block some devices, a Vlan ?, which may be an issue as some of the device can only connect via DHCP so how can i add rules, is the port based options ?

Here is a picture of what they have chosen and the topology
1.NEP-2 Ethernet Switch.
2.EVO-2 Processer.
3.Pepwave AP point one.
4.Peplink balance one.
5.Pepwave BR1 dual LTE.
6.Generic 8 port Ethernet switch.

Hi Edwin,

Several partners already offered to help you when you previously posted this, didn’t they?
Didn’t that work out? Or is this another project?

Kind regards,


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yes but only to contact tech support which did not get me far as i could not find a live chat or phone number, however i was unaware that i had more reply’s and Martin Langmaid is more than happy to help it seems. i shall delete this post. sorry.

No problem, Edwin. It looks you got all the support you need then. Good luck!

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